10 Alarm Clocks to Start Your Day Off Right

alarm1 The exposed gears on this alarm clock lead us to believe it may also be a cryptex, containing a secret code (maybe even the DaVinci code). Bomba Alarm Clock, $70, Little Clock Shop 
alarm2 This mid-century clock brings us back to a groovier time. And with its impact-resistant plastic front, feel free to throw it across the room when waking up doesn't feel so groovy. Arne Jacobsen Banker's Alarm Clock, $150, Y Living
alarm3 For those who can barely open their eyes in the morning, fear not! This alarm clock, with its bright-lime color can be easily found and flipped over (turning it off). Flip Alarm Clock, $48, Moma Store
alarm4 With this retro alarm clock by your bedside, you may find yourself waking up in a different decade. Luckily, with a selection of alarm sounds, you can choose how you get there. Moon Beam Alarm Clock, $49, L.L. Bean
alarm6 For those heavy snoozers, this clock uses a hammer-to-bell system to wake you up. Perfect for when coffee alone won't get you out of bed. Covent Alarm Clock, $38, Anthropologie
alarm7 This clock is so sparse and simple it would fit in perfectly on the set of Spike Jonze's latest futuristic film Her. Perhaps the future isn't as far away as it seems... Alarm Clock, $49, Muji
alarm8 For those that simply can't part with their iPhone during the night, this holder is the perfect place for it to spend the night (and snooze in the morning). Snooze, $35, Distilunion
alarm9 This '70s alarm may lack a tick because of its hand's silent sweep, but the digital alarm is guaranteed to wake you day or night. Newgate Alarm Clock, $40, West Elm
alarm5 As refined as the Queen herself, this metallic Big Ben alarm clock is quite timeless. 1931 Big Ben Alarm Clock, $40, L.L. Bean
alarm10 Something about this clock fills our heads with flashbacks of ringing the bell on our childhood tricycle. Luckily the streamlined clock not only has a bold color, but also a bold ring to wake us from our daydreams. Bell Alarm Clock, $65, A+R Store