The 18 Best Beauty and Skincare Products on Amazon (According to Reviews)

You already know about our affinity for uncovering behind-the-scenes shopping secrets at Ulta and Sephora. But there’s another online e-tailer we like to peruse for lesser-known beauty buys: Amazon.

Yes, the place we usually reserve for buying books, streaming episodes, and making the occasional digital grocery run is also home to a surprising array of under-the-radar beauty gems. On our last Amazon browse, we stumbled across scores of products we’d never even heard of that had thousands of positive reviews. People swear that these products are “life-changing” and “secret weapons.”

Needless to say, we promptly lost ourselves in an Amazon black hole. And a few hours later, we emerged with quite a few of the best Amazon beauty products we think you’ll want to know about. Some are straightforward, some are strange—but all of them have the approval of thousands of people around the world. Add to cart.

Keep scrolling for 18 of the best little-known beauty products with over 1000 positive reviews on Amazon.