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Amazon Is My Secret Source for Affordable Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Furniture

living room with mid-century modern-inspired furniture

Arbor & Co.

Though many of us understand that Amazon sells everything we could possibly need, few of us turn to it for life’s more aesthetic demands. We’ll rely on "The Everything Store" for books, kitchen necessities—maybe even bed sheets. But when it comes to furniture—particularly sleek, sophisticated furniture—we’d rather make an inconvenient trip to the store, spend a small fortune, and drive home with our new mid-century modern must-haves haphazardly hanging out of the trunks of our cars.

It’s paradoxical that we depend on Amazon for so much, yet we fail to let it make one of life’s most expensive, inconvenient ventures—furniture shopping—a little more affordable and a little less tedious. And considering how absolutely stacked Amazon’s mid-century modern-inspired furniture selection is, our behavior isn’t just puzzling—it’s an abject mistake.

Though few of us equate “Amazon” with “Instagram-worthy furniture,” the truth is, the site is loaded with photogenic finds. Mid-century modern-inspired furniture abounds on Amazon—and at every price point, too. So those looking to splurge on an excessively luxurious bed frame can do so, while those who’d prefer to integrate just a hint of vintage flair into their homes can pick out some budget-friendlier fixtures, instead.

The beauty of furniture shopping on Amazon, though, lies not in its affordability or its variety. Both of these are real benefits, but neither tops the sheer convenience of it all. You could stock your entire home with absolutely stunning mid-century modern-inspired furniture without ever stepping foot outside your bedroom. And you could get all that furniture delivered straight to your doorstep—often, within 48 hours. 

Put simply, the mid-century modern home of your dreams is within reach—and it could be yours in a matter of days. No tedious trips to the store or slapdash furniture transport required. Just all the best parts of shopping mid-century modern-inspired furniture, minus all the worst parts.

Read on for a few of our favorite mid-century modern-inspired finds that we spotted on Amazon.

mid-century modern-inspired table
Emerald Home Walnut Brown Coffee Table $145.00

Looking for mid-century modern style on an Amazon budget? This walnut-colored coffee table fits the bill—and we’re sure it’d look great in your living room.

tripod floor lamp
Archiology Black Modern Floor Lamp $90.00

Floor lamps are necessities in any space, so you might as well have fun with them. This mid-century modern floor lamp is as statement-making as it is illuminating. And considering it does the work of three lights at once, that’s saying something.

green dining chairs
GreenForest Mid-Century Modern Velvet Chairs (Set of 4) $179.00

Dining rooms are rarely as comfy as they are chic—a tragedy this chair set is hoping to rectify. Settle into plush velvet each time you sit down for a meal. (Your tush will thank you later.)

globe light chandelier
H&K 8 Light Mid Century Sputnik Chandelier $265.00

If you want to fully commit to mid-century modern aesthetic, swap your ceiling lights with these globe-shaped fixtures. They’re sophisticated, practical, and sure to leave your home feeling like the ritziest of hotels.

navy mid-century sofa
Safavieh Mid-Century Modern Dark Blue Sofa $1,386.00

Those looking to treat themselves to an absolutely luxe find will love this Safavieh sofa, which is trendy and timeless all at once. Comfortable, chic, and sure to fit seamlessly into any home, this sofa is just waiting to make its way into your living room.