The World's Best and Worst Airlines, Ranked

If you're looking to fly high (i.e., book a ticket with the finest airlines)—you'd better bring your passport. Elle Decor recently released travel site AirHelp's rankings of the world's best and worst airlines, and not one American carrier made the top 10.

AirHelp's ratings took everything from in-flight amenities to on-time departures into consideration for the rankings, which lists 34 airlines from best to worst. So who takes the cake? Qatar Airways nabbed first place thanks to the airline's "quality performance," and Netherlands-based KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines scored second. As far as U.S.-based carriers go, Delta Airlines ranked highest at number 15, and United and American Airlines also made the list at 20 and 21, respectively. Sata International out of Portugal claimed the last spot on the list, likely due to its low "claim-processing" score.

It should be noted that not every airline (e.g. Southwest) was included in the rankings, so if you don't see your favorite carrier on the list, it's possible it was left out of AirHelp's study. 

Before you book your next ticket, head over to Elle Decor to get more info on the full list, and get yourself a cashmere travel set from Ralph Lauren to help you stay cozy on the flight.

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