This Annual Leave Hack Can Give You 47 Days Off This Year

Updated 05/17/18
Best Annual Leave Dates 2018

For any full-time employee, annual leave is a highly desired prize after a long year of hard work. And let's be honest, sometimes, four weeks just doesn’t feel like enough time to rest, see the world, or finish that side-hustle you’ve long been conjuring up in the back of your mind.

If the mid-year blues have started to hit you, earlier in the year Contiki has revealed a hack that can see you increase your leave and get up to 47 days off by taking your holidays at strategically places times in the calendar, so you can see more of the world (or just lie on the couch reading your favourite tomes all summer long). 

And while the first half of the year is behind us October, and December are looking like holiday sweet spots, keep scrolling for the prime time to book leave with your manager, stat.

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