People Always Tell Me I Have "Ageless Skin"—These Are the Products I Trust

I know how easy it is to be swept up in fancy marketing and influencer- or celebrity-endorsed brands with cute packaging. But if you truly want results, it's important that you look beyond all the bells and whistles and really do your homework. For me, it's always been about science, research, medical-grade ingredients, and products that not only deliver results but are trustworthy too. (That, and having a solid routine that you incorporate into your daily process along with brushing your teeth and taking a shower.) 

When it comes to skincare, I am incredibly disciplined and have been that way since I started a simple cleanse, tone, and moisturize regimen at just 14-years-old (I'm now 38). Growing up in the harsh sun of Australia forced me to be particularly stringent with skin health, and my mom was bullish about sunscreen since I was a toddler. I have clear memories of her slathering my face in the smelly white stuff and me not liking it, but boy I am so glad she did now. 

Even with all of that coverage from a young age, I still had to treat my skin with IPL for pigmentation after having my son almost 10 years ago, and preventing another melasma outbreak is a daily battle. It's also one that I'm determined to win. But if you want to have a chance at overcoming the even skin and anti-aging battle, you need to be prepared to fight and arm yourself with the necessary weapons.

However, my strict daily skincare regimen and routine visits to my aesthetician have been worth it (and a little under-eye filler recently also helped). MyDomaine's senior editor, Sophie Miura, recently told me my skin was "ageless"—she also gets non-stop compliments about her skin

So, without further ado, and after numerous requests from friends, relatives, and IG followers, I'm sharing all of my best anti-aging skincare products for clear, even, and glowing skin. You're welcome.