3 Must-Download Apps for Renters on the Move

Best Apps for Renters Word on the street is that half of all moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which means there are quite a few of you out there who will be picking up and relocating within the next few months. To ease the universally-felt pain that moving entails, HuffPost Home rounded up the best apps for renters on the move, and we're sharing our favorites.
LovelyThumb Lovely A one-stop-shop for renters, this app will help you not only find an apartment, but can help facilitate annoying chores once you've settled into a place. Enter your search criteria and Lovely will alert you of new listings, give you real-time updates on the status of your saved favorites, and even help you apply for a rental and send your credit report directly to your new potential landlord. Once in your new home, you can pay rent with a single tap. Free, iTunes
NeighborThumb Nextdoor This private social network will connect you with other users in your area and specific neighborhood to enable you to share recommendations, warn each other of any crime reported, find a new home for used appliances and furniture, or just put a face to a name. Free, iTunes
BrightNestThumb BrightNest This helpful home app shares cleaning tips, maintenance how-to's and generally useful around-your-new-home information. Check in for tips on everything from doing your own dry cleaning to unpacking organization to reducing household allergens. Free, iTunes
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