10 Arc Lamps That Will Brighten Up Your Home—and Look Good Doing It

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Arc lamps are exactly what they sound like—lamps that are shaped like arches. Most boast a straight, sturdy base that gives way to a dramatic curve, making many arc lamps resemble the branches of a tree. Like desk lamps, arc lamps are charged with brightening dim corners—mostly so you can read a book, tackle a project, or play a game. 

But given their imposing size and often dramatic silhouettes, arc lamps are rarely purely functional. Often, they’re as stunning as they are effective—making them a worthy addition to any home.

Here, the best arc lamps.

West Elm Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp

Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp

Arc lamps may be space-efficient, but they also tend to be pretty tall. However, shorter, more petite options do exist—and West Elm’s Petite Arc Metal Floor Lamp is one of the sleekest around. The fixture’s shiny brass exterior leaves the lamp feeling contemporary, while its ’60s-inspired silhouette adds a touch of vintage appeal. This blend of eras ensures the lamp will add a healthy dose of contrast to any room it’s placed in.

Valerie Objects Standing Lamp n1

Valerie Objects Standing Lamp n1

Valerie Objects's Standing Lamp n1, designed by Muller Van Severen, is a contemporary arc lamp that would look great in any room of your home. The lamp looks almost like a doodle—one solid black line that curves up from the floor and then back down toward it. Hanging from the tip of this curve is a small, flat lampshade—and an even smaller lightbulb. 

Don’t worry, though, this low-profile lamp promises to give off plenty of light. Set it next to an armchair, a couch, or anywhere else that could use some illumination. Because this floor lamp boasts such a sleek silhouette, you should be able to put it just about anywhere.

Anthropologie Luna Floor Lamp

Anthropologie Luna Floor Lamp

Anthropologie’s Luna Floor Lamp is a classic arc lamp with a striking twist. Many arc lamps rise up before curving over, resembling the branches of a tree. The Luna Floor Lamp, on the other hand, curves out and then in—forming more of a “C” shape. This leaves the lamp feeling contemporary without distracting from its core purpose: to provide light as you sit on a couch, chair, or chaise lounge. 

Choose whether you’d like your lamp in gold and white or in solid black. And remember, the lampshade is sold separately—so if you want to mix and match your color schemes, you easily can.

Oluce Coupe Arch Floor Lamp

Oluce Coupe Arch Floor Lamp

Oluce’s Coupe Arch Floor Lamp is a breathtaking buy sure to transform your space. The base of the lamp stands straight up—the perfect shape to echo the lines of your walls, or to rest flush against them. This sturdy base rises up to meet the arch of the lamp, which hangs over dramatically, forming a pronounced (and frankly, stunning) curve. 

The silhouette alone leaves this lamp feeling like a work of art, but its size makes it even more impactful. The lamp is a whopping 94.3 inches tall (for context, that’s nearly 8 feet.) And yes, that means its lampshade is absolutely massive, making this arc lamp both eye-catching and effective.

West Elm Overarching Metal Shade Floor Lamp

West Elm Overarching Metal Shade Floor Lamp

West Elm’s Overarching Metal Shade Floor Lamp offers a modern take on the classic arc lamp. Almost everything about the lamp is classic: its sturdy base, its exaggerated arc, and its large, light-diffusing head. But its shiny brass exterior—coupled with the coupe-shaped lampshade—leaves this lamp feeling both smart and modern

Pair it with similarly sleek decor, or juxtapose it with more traditional options. Since this lamp isn’t over-the-top contemporary, it’s sure to make a versatile addition to any room in your home.

When you walk into a room with a FontanaArte Yumi Floor Lamp, you know you’re somewhere special. This piece is a reimagination of the entire arc lamp genre—there’s no base-meets-arch construction, no lampshade, and no standalone lightbulb. Instead, there’s a single carbon fiber structure that’s curved to resemble an arch and lined with 170 LED lights. 

Though the lamp’s shape is undeniably striking, it doesn’t just make the piece bolder—it also makes it more effective. The slim silhouette is space-efficient, demanding no more room than it needs to, and the LED lights are just as vibrant as a classic lightbulb. (In fact, since you can dim them, they might even be a stronger choice.) Put simply, the Yumi Floor Lamp offers both form and function.

Pottery Barn Elsbeth Metal Arc Sectional Floor Lamp

Pottery Barn Elsbeth Metal Arc Sectional Floor Lamp

If a single arc lamp simply doesn’t feel like enough, try the Elsbeth Metal Arc Sectional Floor Lamp. This fixture combines the curves of an arc lamp with the branches of a tree lamp, giving you three arc lamps in one. Each of the limbs sprawls in a different direction and reaches a different height, giving the lamp a dynamic silhouette. 

Of course, this lamp’s tree-like form isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. Its branches are adorned with rattan lampshades, giving the lamp a surprisingly bohemian twist. Sit underneath it, and you may feel like you’ve been transported to some romantic yet sophisticated location.

Urban Outfitters Marcella Arc Floor Lamp


Crafted from wood and rattan, the Marcella Arc Floor Lamp is a versatile piece fit for a variety of aesthetics. Because the fixture boasts a traditional lampshade, it feels suitable for more classic design schemes. But the rigid curve of its body also makes it feel decidedly contemporary while its rattan details seem almost bohemian

This motley crue of influences gives the lamp surprising range. And since it’s rendered in a minimalist palette, you really could put it anywhere.

Foscarini Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp

Foscarini Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp

Monochromatic from head-to-toe, the Foscarini Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp will make a bold addition to your space. Whereas many lampshades are at least a little sheer, this one is completely opaque. Flip the lamp on, and the shade will continue to give off the same crisp, vibrant color it did when the lamp was off. 

This consistency makes the fixture a particularly effective pop of color. Need a splash of black, white, gray, red, or blue? The Foscarini Twiggy Arc Floor Lamp will deliver it.

Renwil Dorset Floor Lamp

renwil dorset floor lamp

Arc lamps tend to give off a single, vibrant spotlight, making them a welcome addition in home offices and reading nooks. But if you’d prefer a lighting solution that’s a bit more dynamic, a multi-arm lamp—like the Renwil Dorset Floor Lamp—may be exactly what you’re looking for. 

This lamp is made up of three different arches, each of which curve at slightly different angles and heights. This variety lends the lamp its eye-catching appearance. Plus, mid-century modern details—like round metal lampshades and a shiny metallic finish—keep the lamp feeling sleek and timeless.