The Best Area Rugs for Every Type of Room (and Budget)

Updated 05/05/19
Best Area Rugs
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When it comes to designing a room, area rugs play a much more important role than one would think. Because of their large size, they have the power to completely transform a room—and make a space feel grounded (or conversely, make it feel off-balance if it's not the right size). Searching for the perfect rug is an art that involves many factors: How big should the rug be? What material should I choose? What if I need something durable? What if I'm on a budget?

As we've pointed out before, rugs that are too small can make a space feel disjointed or cheap, but there are many more factors to consider. To help you find the best area rugs for your home, your needs, and most importantly, your budget, we rounded up our favorite rugs to suit virtually any type of space. Do you have young children or pets? Are you on a tight budget? Do you want to find the perfect option for your dining room or your hallway? Are you looking for a durable investment rug? Look no further—whatever your needs are, we have the best area rug for you.

If you have a large entryway

Armadillo & Co. Flower Weave Rug $550

Round rugs, like this woven jute number, are a great way to furnish a large entryway. Top it with a simple tulip table and ground your space with a beautiful statement piece.

If you have a baby

TRNK Asko Wool Rug $360

This hand-woven wool rug is ultra soft and is naturally made of sustainable materials. Its dark color and ribbed effect mean it won't show spills as easily.

If you want your space to feel lighter

Lucent Rug
West Elm Lucent Rug $499 $399

A solid viscose rug in a light tone like a frost gray or cream with a little shine will instantly make your space feel lighter and more serene. This is a great choice to brighten up dark flooring.

If you're shopping on a budget

Safavieh Alina Flatweave Rug $32

Rag rugs are possibly the most budget-friendly option you can find, and they're surprisingly durable. Opt for a more neutral color scheme for a modern look.

If you have a pet

Jayson Home Vintage Oushak Rug $5250

Vintage Oushak rugs are fantastic for two reasons: First, they only get better with age, and second, they already show signs of wear and tear, which means you won't notice new scratches or stains. Choose one made out of wool, which is one of the most durable finishes for pets.

If you're looking to layer

Tulum Rug
Serena & Lily Tulum Rug $298

A natural material like jute is the perfect backdrop to layer rugs. Use this one as a base for a smaller more colorful rug, like a vintage Oushak. 

If you want to wake up on the right foot

Icelandic Sheepskin Throw, Large
Design Within Reach Icelandic Sheepskin Throw $410 $195

Nothing beats getting up and putting your feet on a plush sheepskin rug. Add one to each side of the bed for a truly blissful morning experience. You can even layer them on top of your regular bedroom rug.

If you're looking for your dining room

TRNK Mia Handwoven Rug $2087

In the dining room, a thin flatweave rug in a durable material will make pulling chairs in and out more seamless. A dark color with a subtle texture will hide scratches and stains, so it will stay beautiful for longer.

If you want an investment piece

ABC Home Color Reform Silk Overdyed Rug $39000

Are you looking for a true statement rug to last you a lifetime? Opt for a silk rug—one of the finest materials available. ABC Home has a large collection of color-reform (or overdyed) silk rugs, which have a more modern edge.

If you want to feel cosy

Jayson Home Vintage Beni Ourain Rug $3495

Fluffy vintage Berger rugs are great to infuse your space with a cozy feeling. Just make sure you buy a true vintage—not a reproduction—as these tend to shed a lot.

If you're color-averse

CB2 Posh Anthracite Rug $349

If you're a minimalist and don't like a lot of color in your room, try a stark black rug with just a hint of sheen. This plush option will give your home the moody vibe you're looking for.

If you want something unique

Jayson Home Vintage Tuareg Mat $2495

Tuareg rugs are popular in the interior design community, but they have never become a full-blown trend, which is nice if you want something unique that no one else has.

If you have an extra-long hallway

Chairish Swedish Handwoven Runner $489

Vintage Swedish runners are beautiful and full of color. What's best is that they come in a variety of non-standard sizes, like ultra-long runners, which work wonders in hallways.

This story was originally published on December 14, 2017, and has since been updated.

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