This Is Where All the Cool Kids Buy Their Art

I think we can all collectively agree that white walls are boring. By the same token, we also believe that blank-page syndrome applies to walls as much as they do to our freshly opened new Word Doc. Just as we often fire up a blank document with an idea in mind only to become paralyzed by writer's block, it's easy to stare at a wall and become overwhelmed by the task of picking the perfect piece to fill it: How big should it be? What style of art do I like? Where do I begin looking for pieces?

While we can't exactly walk into your home and pick your art for you, we can at least attempt to answer the latter question by sharing our favorite destinations for buying art online. These websites not only have expert taste and killer style but also make it their mission to demystify the process of buying art—from museum-quality framing to free advice from expert curators. Ready to give your blank walls a new personality? Become your own art curator with these online art marketplaces.

Absolut Art

In 1986, Andy Warhol partnered with Absolut vodka to kick off over 600 artist collaborations with names from Jean-Michel Basquiat to Damien Hirst. Today, Absolut Art helps connect emerging artists with consumers, offering a curated selection of artwork from around the world, all shipped within 48 hours.