These Are the Best Audiobooks for Road Trips (or Boring Commutes)

A long drive can either be excruciatingly boring or beautiful and memorable. While good company and scenic views can do the trick, sometimes we have to make a trip alone (or with a less-than-ideal passenger) along an unsightly road. In that case, entertainment is the most reliable solution. Since we've all been there, we decided to come to the rescue with a roundup of the best audiobooks for road trips and long commutes that make any voyage better.

Complete with gripping mysteries, wise essays, hilarious short stories, and poetic epics, we included books that really come alive when read out loud. In fact, since they're read by the likes of Claire Danes, Roxane Gay, John Waters, and Diane Keaton, these audiobooks are worth listening to even if you're staying at home. So hit the gas station and take your pick from the best audiobooks for road trips below.