Put the Kettle On: These Little-Known Tea Brands Ensure a Perfect Brew

Updated 09/13/17
Best Tea Brands From Australia
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Arguably, there's little else as comforting as a freshly made pot of tea. But a simple wander down the aisle at your local grocery store proves how hard it can be to choose a quality blend that tastes good, without going through a few lacklustre options first. So, to help you on your journey to the perfectly curated tea roster, we've sourced five Australian tea brands you may not have heard of before with botanic creations that will have your pantry stocked to the brim.

We know a soothing cup of tea is a great replacement for coffee (especially if brewed in the healthiest way) but other than its comforting charm, research now also sings its praises. The Health Council of the Netherlands recommends that people drink as much as three to five cups a day in order to "reduce blood pressure, diabetes and stroke risks." Shop our top picks below.

Love Tea Skin Glow Organic Loose Leaf Tea $11

You'll like it if: You're in the market for a natural skin glow with an earthy flavour combination.

Mayde Tea Digest Loose Leaf Tea $19

You'll like it if: You enjoy the flavours of peppermint, licorice, fennel, and calendula.

Ovvio No. 12 Rise & Shine Organic Tea $20

You'll like it if: You're partial to the zingy flavours of lemon myrtle leaf, ginger root, and lemongrass. 

West End Tea Co. Blend No. 6 Ratbag Boyfriend Organic Loose Leaf Tea $18

You'll like it if: Sweet forest fruits, hibiscus, black tea, and stylish packaging take your fancy. 

Warndu Rivermint and Ant Tea $25

You'll like it if: You're a fan of mint with a savoury punch. 

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