Good Question: What are the Best Accessories for My Bar?

_promo Q. What are your tips for styling a bar? Styling a bar or bar cart can be as easy as one, two, three. Literally! The best advice I can give when putting together and styling your bar is breaking it into sections. This will help you visually organize the area and also see what liquors or accessories you may be running low on or where you could use some additional oomph. I suggest using stylish trays to designate the three different sections and help keep them organized.
Section #1: Bottles: Have one space dedicated to beautiful bottles and decanters so grabbing cocktail ingredients is a cinch. Organize them so the tallest containers are in the back and then place subsequent bottles so they get progressively smaller as you move toward the front of your display. Section #2: Glasses: On one of the trays place your glassware divided up by glass type. Martini glasses in one section, highball glasses in another, and so on. I'd recommend using the same technique--tall in the back, short in the front --as you did with the bottles. Section #3: Accessories: Reserve the last section of your bar for all of your accoutrements like cocktail napkins, coasters, jiggers, and drink stirrers. Add in some stylish bowls for fresh garnish when you're expecting company, so their handcrafted cocktails will be as good as they are at your favorite party game. If you have the space, why not add some great bar books stacked on top of one another for some mixology inspiration. This will create a bit of depth and interest so the display is not only functional, but stylish as well. Now sit back, enjoy a cocktail, and admire your handiwork! Do you have a question for Estee? Share your décor conundrums or styling struggles in the comments below. estee-signature-layout Photo: Courtesy of Lonny