The One Thing You Can Update in Your Kitchen This Weekend


Mike Garten, design by Studio DB

Are you riding the most recent kitchen trend wave? In recent years, the heart-of-the-home space has morphed from simply being a place for cooking and baking to a place for entertaining and spending time as a family. So, chances are a chic set of barstools is at the top of your list. The oft-overlooked furniture piece is more than just a seat at the big chef's table. It's a chance to make a statement in a space that is traditionally very black and white. Did you keep your lower cabinets white for its timeless appeal? Throw in some turquoise stools for a pop of color. Are your lower cabinets painted a trendy navy? Offset the dark color with a sculptural white stool. 

Choosing a statement stool doesn't have to mean breaking the bank, either. From a modest $30 all the way up to $3000, we sourced the best barstools available in all colors, shapes, and budgets. Get ready to find the counter seats of your dreams—your kitchen called, and it needs it.