10 Functional Bathroom Accessories That Double as Décor

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In our younger years, we shopped for bathroom essentials that primarily served a function. A plastic shower curtain, a metal trash bin, or a cheap, over the toilet etagere, sufficed our needs and got the job done. However, as we get older and move out of our starter apartments, our tastes get more refined. We realize that just because a bathroom accessory is functional, doesn’t mean it has to compromise our overall aesthetic. Every bathroom necessity—ranging from textiles to storage solutions—can complement the overall style of your bathing space versus compromising it.

And, the abundance of gorgeously designed products available on the market today makes decorating the space incredibly easy. To make your shopping experience even easier, we found a handful of favorite bathroom necessities—gorgeous bathroom rugs, unexpected bathmats, and stone accessories—that double as décor.

Here, the best bathroom accessories.

Anthropologie Fountain Planter

Fountain Planter
Fountain Planter.


Whether you're tight on space or need to organize your vanity, Anthropologie's Fountain Planter will make a great addition to your bathroom. There's plenty of room for makeup and perfume yet the rounded design won't take up too much space on your counter.

One of the best parts about the ceramic piece is its versatility. While it makes for a handy organizational piece, its center compartment also doubles as a planter—you can either display your beauty products, a fresh floral arrangement, or both.

Blomus Sono Vanity Mirror

SONO Vanity Mirror
SONO Vanity Mirror.

Pottery Barn

If you're on the hunt for a good vanity mirror, consider Blomus' Sono design. The minimal ceramic and silicone style is offered in a variety of colors and offers prime magnification that's perfect for doing your makeup, hair, or skincare routine.

One of the best parts about the round mirror is it includes a separate holder, so you can either set it on your countertop or hold it for a closer look. It's offered in six colors and has a minimal, modern design that will work with any other bathroom accessories you already have.

Mosa Bamboo Natural Bath Shower Mat

Natural Bamboo Bath Shower Mat

Courtesy of Mosa

If a bathroom rug or bath mat is way too conventional for you, this bamboo bath and shower mat will add a sense of nature into your bathroom. Made out of genuine bamboo, it has a simple yet elegant look. While you won’t have to worry about constantly laundering it, keep in mind that because it's made out of natural wood it needs to be kept in a well-ventilated place after use. While primarily for indoor use, it can also be used for an outdoor shower—or even just an outdoor mat.

Lulu and Georgia Zallie Trash Can

Zallie Trash Can
Zallie Trash Can .

Lulu and Georgia

A trash can is a bathroom must-have that can serve as a stylish element in your space. Take Lulu and Georgia's Zallie Trash Can, for example, which has a sleek matte look that'll work in just about any space.

The trash can is offered in three neutral colors—black, charcoal, and nude. It's made of durable plywood and also features two built-in handles, so it'll be easy to pick up and empty its contents whenever you need.

Parachute Fouta Supreme Towel Bundle

Fouta Bath Bundle


Parachute is known for its luxe bedding and bath designs and this towel bundle certainly doesn't disappoint. The 18-piece set includes all the essentials—six hand towels, six washcloths, and your choice of six bath towels or bath sheets, to be exact—all of which are made of Turkish cotton that's absorbent and durable. The set is sure to pair well with any design style, too, thanks to a minimal, striped pattern throughout.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray


There are so many bath trays and caddies to choose from, but we have never encountered one as versatile as Royal Craft Wood’s luxury caddy. The multifunctional tray, available in five different finishes of waterproof bamboo, can be used in the bath or even as a bed tray. A variety of slots safely keep your book, tablet, wine glasses, favorite candle, or a bar of soap, while two removable trays can hold both bath and spa accessories. Its extendable handles ensure that it'll fit any sized tub, while non-slip silicone grips prevent it from sliding.

Serena & Lily Dip-Dyed Stools

Serena & Lily Dip Dyed Stools

 Courtesy of Serena & Lily

There are a few products from the coastal cool Serena & Lily collection that have achieved cult-like status in the interior design world, and their dip-dyed stools are definitely on the list. Handcrafted out of solid teak in Indonesia, these perfectly simple stools are then dip-dyed in either white or navy paint. The result? An understated yet impactful addition to your bathroom. Use them as a stool next to your tub to keep your bubble bath or magazine handy, or buy a small and large size and use them to display your plants. Either way, your bathroom will thank you.

The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Standing Rack

Wood Standing Rack
Wood Standing Rack .

The Citizenry

From fixtures to accessories, chances are you already have a lot of metal in your bathroom. Adding some well-intentioned wooden pieces can majorly transform your space. This Hinoki Wood Standing Rack from The Citizenry is a perfect (and sustainable) resting place for your towels. It features a simple, organic design and is constructed out of high-grade, locally-sourced Japanese hinoki cypress. If you get sick of it in your bathroom, it can easily transition into the living room, as a place to display your favorite throw blankets. Each rack is handcrafted and takes a week to complete.

West Elm Bamboo Hamper with Shelf

West Elm Bamboo Hamper with Shelf

West Elm

A clothes hamper doesn’t have to be an afterthought—and nor should it. The space-saving design of West Elm's Bamboo Hamper offers a stylish and practical spot for your dirty clothes, easily pulling down and opening up to display a fabric liner. It also has a shelf to store clean towels plus extra space for other bathroom essentials (ideal for smaller spaces that don't have much storage). Its neutral palette—bamboo with a whitewashed finished—is subtle enough to work in a variety of aesthetics.

Jungalow Hypnotic Shower Curtain



If you're looking for an easy way to liven up your bathroom, shower curtains like this Jungalow style are the perfect place to start. Designed with a vibrant geometric pattern, the curtain gives off a resort-style vibe that'll make every day feel like you're on vacation. The best part? It can act as the centerpiece of your space but its neutral colors make it easy to pair with other decorative pieces, too.