It's Official: These Are the Best Bathroom Trends of the Year

Bathrooms have seen quite a transformation in the last decade. Traditionally, they've been seen as a functional space, the rise of wellness trends has pushed bathrooms in the realm of spa-like havens to pamper yourself, do your morning skincare routine, take a long bath, and simply relax. As such, the spaces themselves have seen a transformation from a more practical wet space to a more holistic relaxing space. 

So what does this mean for bathroom décor trends? This year, we saw a rise in exotic materials, classic fixtures, and accent furniture that goes beyond your average bathroom caddy. Bathrooms are no longer simply renovated—they're also decorated with the same attention as you would place toward a living room or entryway. So if you're planning a bathroom renovation, consider these popular design choices—these are the biggest and best bathroom trends of 2018.