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It's Official: These Are the Best Bathroom Trends of the Year

Marble bathroom

Bathrooms have seen quite a transformation in the last decade. Traditionally, they have been seen as a functional space, the rise of wellness trends has pushed bathrooms in the realm of spa-like havens to pamper yourself, do your morning skincare routine, take a long bath, and simply relax. As such, the spaces themselves have seen a transformation from a more practical wet space to a more holistic relaxing space. 

So what does this mean for bathroom décor trends? This year, we saw a rise in unique materials, classic fixtures, and accent furniture that goes beyond your average bathroom caddy. Bathrooms are no longer simply renovated—they're also decorated with the same attention as you would place toward a living room or entryway.

So if you're planning a bathroom renovation, consider these popular design choices—these are the biggest and best bathroom trends of 2018.

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Antique Furniture

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Antique Furniture
Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

We traditionally associate bathroom furniture with stackable storage systems or other practical modern pieces. But 2018 was filled with beautiful antiques in bathrooms—and these don't even have to be big. Add a small pedestal table or étagère and you've just elevated the look and feel of your space. 

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Black Marble

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Black Marble
Courtesy of Ashe + Leandro

White Carrara marble is the go-to material in many bathrooms, but in 2018, we saw the rise of dramatic black marbled spaces. While colorful marble has been trending in décor for a while, it's taken a little longer to be adopted in more functional spaces like bathrooms. Pair it with brass fixtures and lighting.

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Wall-Mounted Vanities

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Wall-Mounted Vanities
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

We tend to love having storage hidden underneath our bathroom sinks, but in 2018 we saw a lot of waterfall wall-mounted vanities in dramatic colorful marbles. Paired with wall-mounted faucets and large round mirrors, this creates a minimal look that still's visually interesting. Just don't do this if you need a lot of storage in your bathroom. 

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Vertical-Stacked Subway Tile

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Stacked Subway Tile
Courtesy of Sarah Sherman Samuel

Traditionally, subway tiles in bathrooms have been white, and laid-out horizontally in a brick pattern. But many bathrooms in 2018 were adopting a completely different subway tile: colored and stacked vertically, which creates a more modern and streamlined look. When adopting this look, make sure to take the tile all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

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Traditional Fixtures

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Antique Fixtures
Courtesy of Katie Martinez

Midcentury and minimalism have been trending in bathrooms for years, but in 2018 we saw a resurgence in more traditional bathrooms—still with a fresh modern edge. Pedestal sinks and floor-mounted freestanding tub fillers with shower handles were on the rise this year, as were antique rugs in the bathroom. 

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Accent Stools

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Accent Stools
Courtesy of Studio LifeStyle

Look beyond the average bathroom caddy when picking the furniture for your space because competition has been fierce in 2018. One of the main furniture pieces that have dominated almost all bathroom shoots this year was the accent stool casually placed next to the tub. Consider it a place to stack towels or add a candle or natural sponge—just make sure to pick a material that's humidity-resistant.

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Minimal Brass Lighting

Best Bathroom Trends of the Year — Minimal Brass Lighting
Courtesy of Jessica Helgerson

In smaller and more minimal spaces, brass was still very much at the forefront—particularly in faucets, hardware, and lighting. But as opposed to brushed or polished metal, this year focused on antiqued brass as the material of choices—giving spaces a more authentic high-end feel.