These Might Just Be the 25 Best Bathrooms Ever Posted on Instagram

Modern bathroom with soaker tub and graphic tile


Although the bathroom may not seem like the most exciting room to decorate, it's an essential space that deserves as much attention as the bedroom and living areas in your home. It's where you prep for the day and unwind for the evening and whether you have an expansive space or tight quarters, there are plenty of ways to make it feel like a luxurious retreat.

If you're seeking a bit of inspiration, look no further than the Instagram profiles of interior designers, stylists, and photographers. We recently took it upon ourselves to scour the accounts of a few of our favorite interior design pros and there were more than a few bathrooms that stopped us mid-scroll.

Ahead, be inspired by 25 of the best bathrooms we found on Instagram. From all-white, minimalist spaces to rooms covered in colorful tiles and fun designs, these bathrooms will have you ready to redecorate.

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Think Peaceful Thoughts

Neutral and blush bathroom with wood accents


It's impossible not to feel the calming vibes rolling off this bathroom retreat outfitted in white and wood. The tone-on-tone look, subtly lined wallpaper, and minimal styling create neutral layers that are soft on the eyes, while black fixtures pop to create visual interest.

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Take a Deep Breath

Modern bathroom with soaker tub and graphic tile


Can you picture a more relaxing spot to take a bubble bath? Natural wicker shades cover a large window that opens up to lush greenery outside. The window perfectly frames a free-standing bathtub with an old-fashioned water facet—the ideal place to unwind and breathe in the fresh air.

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Create Luxurious Layers

Tub nook with layered rugs and chunky wood side table


No bathroom is complete without something soft underfoot to catch stray drips and keep your toes from freezing on cold mornings. This heavenly setup doubles down by layering a thick fur rug overtop a vintage carpet for an extra luxurious landing after a long soak.

For the best bubble baths, get yourself a stylish surface big enough to hold a candle and glass of your favorite drink like a side table, stool, sturdy crate, or whatever else you find that suits your taste.

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Play With Texture

Bathroom with textural tile wall and white and black accents


Giving your walls a textural treatment is a great way to bring the drama, especially if you're short on space. This modern bathroom features a custom wood statement wall for a completely memorizing effect—one that could be recreated with dowel rods and a little patience.

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Go Wild

Dramatic bathroom with jaguar wallpaper and modern fixtures


For the same level of drama without all the work, look for wallpaper to turn up the volume. This wild bathroom caught our eye immediately with its chic, jungle vibes. We can't get enough of the jaguar wallpaper, Mid-Century inspired light fixture, and wood accents.

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Tile With Abandon

Modern bathroom with light wood vanity, graphic tile treatment, and gold accents


Tile is yet another way to up the drama in your bathroom. Opt to take it from floor to ceiling for maximum impact. This playful room doubles down with a black and white mosaic tile and herringbone tile wall in shades of white. Light wood and gold accents add some warmth back into the space and soften the look.

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Warm Up With Wood

Wood slat panel bathroom with accent lighting


Why stop at an accent wall? This completely wood-clad bathroom takes paneling to a whole new level, putting day spas everywhere to shame. Surround yourself with wood to replicate the look and create a cozy cocoon-like sanctuary that you'll never want to leave.

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Commit to Color

Bright blue bathroom with historic charm


You don't have to keep your space neutral to create a soothing sanctuary. Let this bright blue bathroom layered with pattern and historic charm be all the proof you need to show that color can be just as effective a tool, and more fun to boot.

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Channel Vintage Glamour

Bright bathroom with marble tub, wood beams, and vintage furnishings


You can always count on vintage pieces to bring just the right touch of sophistication to any space, and this stunning sanctuary is no exception. The base finishes of the bathroom are clean and simple, letting those ceiling beams and a stunning antique chandelier really shine.

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Dress It Up

Modern vintage bathroom with repurposed dresser vanity


Repurposing a dresser as a vanity isn't a new concept, but that doesn't mean we're any less impressed when we see a fresh take. Case in point: this vintage chest of drawers that's been updated with a coat of white paint while maintaining historic charm through traditional hardware and a custom stone countertop that follows the curves of the dresser.

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Take in the View

Modern bathroom with graphic tile and a view into a library room


From the hypnotic tile wall to the wood and marble vanity to the brass fixtures, it's hard to decide what we like most about this bathroom. And in case that wasn't enough, the peek-a-boo wall of books in the distance adds a whole new dimension—we just can't look away.

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Keep Things Classic

Bathroom with dark wall panelling, dark clawfoot tub, and modern accents


Wainscoting has been around for centuries as a method of insulation. These days, it's primarily used to elevate a space, as it adds a certain sense of formality, and coziness, we might add. This bathroom expertly pairs the traditional with the modern for a look that's completely unique and completely chic.

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Tone It Down

Modern bathroom with peach and cream color scheme and black accents


If you prefer to make a statement with your finishes, balance things out by turning down the color volume. While the fixtures in this bathroom are as sleek and modern as they come, a calm peaches 'n' cream color palette keeps the overall atmosphere soft, soothing, and absolutely dreamy.

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Inspire Spa Vibes

Spa-like bathroom with black and white color palette and tabletop tree

Having a peaceful place to get ready in the morning sets the right tone for the entire day. This modern retreat channels the spa with subtle touches like fresh white towels and a dose of greenery to promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Cue the new age music.

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Let the Light In

Light, bright, and airy bathroom with clawfoot tub


We don't know about you, but we'd sell our soul for this kind of natural light in the bathroom (or for a long soak in this tub). If you're blessed with big windows, take full advantage by opting for window treatments that provide privacy without blocking the light—sheers are great for this.

A humidity-loving plant would make another happy addition to any sunny bathroom. Fresh-cut blooms are a good substitute if you don't have windows in your space.

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Start With Stone

Gray stone and dark wood bathroom


Smooth, sleek, and utterly swoon-worthy—is there anything more drop-dead elegant than an all-stone bathroom? Throw in some warm wood and shiny chrome, and you've got an en suite fit for royalty. In fact, we'd wager the royals wish their bathrooms looked like this.

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Use Unexpected Materials

Bathroom with concrete tub, dark walnut vanity, and black and gold accents


Craving something a little more unique? Stand out from the crowd with common fixtures made from unexpected materials. We've got all the heart eyes for this concrete soaker tub that adds an industrial edge to a glam bathroom.

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Mix Metallics

Elegant bathroom with marble, white soaker tub, and metallic accents


Speaking of glam, this deceivingly simple bathroom serves up a double dose. A mix of metallics including a gold faucet, nickel light fixture, and silvery stone—even chrome soap lids—elevates an all-white bathroom for a look that's positively luxurious.

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Fill in the Blanks

Bathroom vignette with vintage styling


This dramatic vignette stopped us in our tracks—proof that even a blank bathroom wall can be a canvas. Absolutely everything here drips with character and sophistication, and we can't decide what we like best: the fringe light fixture, mosaic floor, or simple but stunning vintage chair.

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Integrate Earthy Touches

Bright, modern bathroom with earthy touches


Believe it or not, it is possible for a room to feel too light and airy, at least for some people. This bright bathroom incorporates earthy elements to ground the space—a woven light fixture, wood stool, aged brass vase, and even the ocean print bring it back down to earth.

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Fall Back to Black

Modern black bathroom


When in doubt, you can't go wrong with black. Really, you can't. The proof is in this chic-to-death black bathroom giving us the moodiest vibes. A white subway tile wall and massive mirror add lightness back into the space for practical reasons.

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Punch up the Contrast

Modern bathroom with marble, matte black, and light wood


This modern retreat serves up layer upon layer of contrast: white versus black, light wood versus dark wood, hard stone versus soft textiles, the list goes on. Our favorite part? The way the black fixtures pop against light stone walls for an almost 3D effect. Stunning.

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Draw Modern Lines

Modern bathroom with geometric tiles and wood vanity


Are you a fan of modern design? Take inspiration from this small-but-mighty bathroom that embraces modernism in all the right ways through geometric tiles, a panelled wood vanity, matte black fixtures, and sleek glass accents. It's a work of art, really.

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Add a Touch of Whimsy

Artsy bathroom with colorful geometric tile and gold accents


Not all bathrooms have to be so serious. Take a look at this artsy room—whether those floors are meant to be an optical illusion or not, we can't say, but we love them all the same. Don't be afraid to embrace color, pattern, or whatever it is that makes you happy. There are no rules.

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Find the Right Accessories

Shower area with graphic tile, wood stool, and matte black hardware


Whether you're starting with a less-than-ideal rental bathroom or your dream ensuite, incorporating the right accessories can make all the difference. Things like rugs, fluffy towels, a stool or side table, and plants or fresh-cut flowers will elevate your bathroom to the next level.