Brush Up on Your BBQ Skills With 5 Amazing Recipes

Believe it or not, Memorial Day is almost here, and with it comes the need to polish your Rolodex of barbecue go-tos. Barbecue recipes are more versatile than you may give them credit for. Everything from breakfast to dessert can be cooked up on the grill, something we learned from chef Ben Tish's new cookbook, Grill Smoke BBQ. These recipes find middle ground between satisfying, hearty dishes and elevated plates that serve up a nuanced range of spices and flavors. Tish lays out a variety of dishes that are sure to impress guests while bringing an approachability to the plate that's synonymous with barbecuing. Here, we picked a few of our favorite highlights. Keep reading for five of the best barbecue recipes you should master this summer, courtesy of Ben Tish.

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