The Best Beaches in Southern California Are Worth Crossing the Country For

No place is more synonymous with beach culture than Southern California. Sure, you can wade in the Atlantic on the East Coast, walk on stone-covered beaches in Europe along the Mediterranean, or lounge on the white sand of the Caribbean, but in our humble opinion, nothing truly compares the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. "There's an authentic surfer vibe, a laid-back casual attitude combined with a cool factor that can't be replicated anywhere else," according to Sienna Spencer-Markles, a California native and McCue Communications PR manager for tourism and travel destinations in California.

With so many beaches stretching up and down the coast, you could visit every year and find a new hidden gem every time. "Visitors come back again and again and never go to the same beach twice," Spencer-Markles says. If you're planning a trip to the iconic Southern California coast, take note of the best beaches to visit, no matter your ideal beach day. Whether you're into surfing, boating, relaxing, or exploring, there's a beach to match your favorite outdoor activities. From San Diego to Los Angeles, these are just 10 of the best beaches in Southern California. Grab a pair of sunglasses, a good book, and extra sunscreen. It's time to hit the beach