Cue Wanderlust: Gray Malin's Guide to the Best Beaches on Earth

Few people have seen the world quite like Gray Malin. The famed aerial photographer’s 9-to-5 is a far cry from a typical desk job: His “office” is a helicopter, his tool of the trade is a Canon camera, and his goal is to chase the sun, venturing to some of the most picturesque places on earth to photograph them from above.

Malin’s new book, Escape, takes him to some of the most exquisite patches of sand we’ve ever seen, from Bora Bora, French Polynesia, to Byron Bay, Australia. It spurred us to ask him: Of all the beaches you’ve visited and photographed during your career, what’s the most beautiful? Ahead the talented artist and eternal traveler indulges us with this bucket list, revealing his favorite tropical getaways and the insider travel tips he’s learned along the way.

It might be winter, but somewhere in the world the sun is shining and the glistening waves are beckoning. Take a leaf out of Gray Malin’s book, and plan your next escape to one of his all-time favorite beaches.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia