We Always Get Complimented After Using These 12 Beauty Tools

Our collections of beauty tools are kind of the unsung heroes of our beauty routines here at Byrdie HQ. In fact, even though we use most of our tools on a daily basis and they're perhaps an even more integral part of our beauty looks than our favorite makeup and skin care formulations, we mysteriously pay them less heed (and respectful applause) than we ought too. Especially considering that without them, we'd likely receive far fewer compliments from the likes of friends, S.O.s, and even strangers.

So in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, we decided to write a special editor-curated ode to the 12 beauty tools solely responsible for certain compliments we receive time and again. From a not-so-average eyeliner that makes haphazard cat eyes a thing of the past to the flat irons that never deliver anything less than a perfect hair day, we hereby give you the beauty tools that consistently earn us likes—on Instagram, in person, and otherwise. Keep scrolling for all of our favorites!