This Is the Piece of Furniture Every Home Needs


JR Works, design by Zecc Architecture

There's one piece of furniture that, by no stretch of the imagination, is at once the chameleon and the family dog of home décor: blending in pretty vignettes; transforming itself no matter the needs; serving both as seating, a table, and storage. Renters can attest, it's the one item that will loyally follow you from home to home, morphing from footrest into coffee table, and from entryway console into dining seat. The bench, while unassuming, is one of the most practical pieces of furniture you could own.

It will help your guests sit down when you're entertaining for twelve, and help children tie their shoelaces without falling over. It will keep designer bags from being tossed on the floor, and breakfast from being eaten while standing up. Yes, the bench is simple in shape, but it's as loyal as man's best friend and as versatile as a chameleon.  Ready to adopt this multifaceted piece into your own home? We searched near and far for 20 options to fill every nook and cranny.