Elevate Your Game Night With These Games On Sale Right Now

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Whether it's a romantic date night in, a dinner party, or the weather outside is just plain unbearable, a good game night is the ultimate way to pass the time. Who doesn't love a little competition? From card games to board games to puzzles, there's a reason some of our fondest childhood memories all entail some type of game. Plus, a great game will leave you in a lighthearted mood, which we all could use right now.

While these game night picks aren't necessarily all board games, they are sure to serve up an evening of wholesome entertainment, plus some friendly competition. No matter if you're a duo or a larger group, there's an option for you.

A ton of the best board games are on sale right now, and with the spring weather teasing us, some distractions would be nice. Whether you're a card game assassin, blackjack master, or puzzle aficionado, we've got a game that you'll adore, at a fraction of the original cost.

Here are the best board games on sale right now.

We update these sales weekly, but products go fast! If something is out of stock or no longer discounted, check back next week for a batch of new sales.

Galison Jonathan Adler Versailles Playing Cards

Jonathan Adler Playing Cards

Normally $35, Now $21

Make your next card game into a luxurious event with these Jonathan Adler playing cards. Featuring two opulent gold decks with buzzy geometric prints tied up in a beautiful lavender box, these gorgeous cards will look beautiful in use or displayed on your coffee table.

Shopbop David Hicks Backgammon Set

Shopbop @Home David Hicks Backgammon Set

Normally $30, Now $21

A fresh, design-friendly take on backgammon, this set is full of gorgeous gold, black, and neutral accents that match any decor. The case is the board, so you won't lose any pieces.

Czech Games Codenames


Normally $20, Now $15 at Amazon and Walmart

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes with this beloved spy word game. Here's the play by play: two teams go head to head as competing spy agencies. Each team has a spymaster who knows all of the agents by codename, and it's up to your team to match all of the secret agents to their codes board before the other team. Perfect for a group of four or more and for ages 14 and up. It's especially family-friendly.

WS Game Company Clue Deluxe Travel Edition

East Dane Gifts Clue Deluxe Travel Edition

Normally $40, Now $32

Perfect for the beach, pool, or virtually any road trip, this travel-sized game makes it easy to play Clue on the go. The wooden folding case has a build-in board, and there's even a handy storage compartment for all of the game pieces, pencils, and dice.

Ginger Fox Charades Game

Ginger Fox Charades

Normally $10, Now $7

Break out this game of Charades for a night of laughs, method acting, and team bonding. Featuring over 400 cards of TV shows, movies, songs, and more, this is sure to make your evening.

Areaware Little Puzzle Thing - Eggplant

Areaware Little Puzzle Thing - Eggplant

Normally $15, Now $9

Sometimes you just want to be able to complete a puzzle without spending years of your life on it. That's where the Little Puzzle Thing from Areaware steps in, this little puzzle is only 70 pieces, and can be completed in 20 minutes. We love the adorable eggplant design and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with this. The lowest price we've seen for this is $9.

Catan Studio Catan The Board Game


Normally $55, Now $40 at Amazon

Trade, settle, and build your civilization from the ground up with this exciting game. Perfect for three to four players, this game is sure to keep the fun going. Walmart's price is close behind Amazon's at $44.

Normally $25, Now $18 at Amazon and Walmart

This exciting strategic board game is perfect for the whole family. All you need to do is grab a card and place a marker on the corresponding board piece five times in a row to score a sequence. The lowest price we've seen is $13.

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

Ravensburger Labyrinth Family Board Game

Normally $32, Now $25

The ultimate treasure hunting game, you'll have to move your piece through a maze to find all the hidden treasures on your cards. It's also easy enough that younger kiddos can join in on the fun.

Winning Moves Games No Stress Chess

An easy family-style chess game called No Stress Chess.

Normally $18, Now $13

Whether you've been watching a little too much Queen's Gambit lately, or wish to learn the game for yourself, this chess set is the perfect easy introduction. The included playing cards also help you navigate the board with confidence.

Smart Zone Games Hive


Normally $32, Now $24

Bring your strategy sensibilities to play the Hive. It's similar to chess, where you want to envelop your opponent's queen bee tile without letting them surround your queen. Each piece has a set type of moves it can make, but that doesn't stop the game from flying by.

Alderac Entertainment Group Peter McPherson Tiny Towns

Normally $40, Now $31

What we love about this board game is that you can play it solo, or with a group of six, and any combination in between. The goal is to do as the name implies, build your own tiny town with materials you collect. No two games are alike, so you can bet on never getting bored.

Normally $30, Now $15 at Bloomingdale's

This 500-piece rock-themed puzzle is sure to inspire your next hike. Just grab your pals and a bottle of wine for a night of puzzle-solving fun.

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