The Best Early Black Friday Board Game Deals for 2021

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The Best Board Game Deals

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Whether it's a romantic date night in, a dinner party, or just a nice lazy weekend, a good game night is the ultimate way to pass the time. Who doesn't love a little competition? These game night picks aren't necessarily all board games, but they are sure to serve up an evening of friendly competition, whether you're a duo or a larger group. A ton of the best board games are on sale right now, whether you're a card game assassin, chess master, or puzzle aficionado, we've got a game you'll adore, at a fraction of the original cost.

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start thinking about the holidays. If it feels earlier than usual, you’re right: Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s and other big retailers have already released their “Top Toy” lists along with announcements of store exclusives, while Black Friday deals are being announced earlier. According to one major toy retailer I spoke with, supply chain issues here and abroad almost certainly will continue throughout the rest of the year, creating potential shortages of your favorite toys and games. They recommended that if you have some specific toys and games in mind, it would be wise to buy them now or when you see them available.

Here are the best board games on sale right now.

We update these sales weekly, but products go fast! If something is out of stock or no longer discounted, check back next week for a batch of new deals.

Normally $25, Now $18 at Amazon and Walmart

This exciting strategic board game is perfect for the whole family. All you need to do is grab a card and place a marker on the corresponding board piece five times in a row to score a sequence.

The lowest price we've seen is $13.

Millwood Pines Crawfordsville Don’t Break It Wine Bottle Puzzle Game

Millwood Pines Crawfordsville Don’t Break It Bottle Puzzle Game

Normally $34, Now $30

Taking drinking games to a whole new level, this handmade wood puzzle by Thai artisan Waraporn Khamsuk will have guests working together in a test of skill and precision. Four pieces of interlocking (sustainable and recycled) rain tree wood and a small rope must be successfully navigated before the next bottle of wine can be poured! The best part is, you can stick it onto the next bottle and play again.

Hey! Play! Solitaire Board Game

Hey! Play! Solitaire Board Game

Normally $50, Now $18

Not to be confused with the card game, this classic peg game appeared in France by 1687. Gameplay is simple: hop over and remove pegs or marbles until you’re left with a single piece in the center of the board. Crafted from stained plywood, this version features 33 wooden marbles and makes for a fun and attractive desktop pastime when your eyes are tired of the screen.

Winning Solutions Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

Normally $43, Now $35 at Amazon

This classic board game gets a luxe upgrade with this Vintage Bookshelf Edition. It's designed to fit perfectly in your bookshelf and comes complete with a vintage board from 1935. Plus, all of the Monopoly essentials like a banker's tray, die-cast movers, and wooden houses have an extra vintage feel.

The lowest price we've seen for this game is $27.

Normally $30, Now $19 at Kohl's

Combine the classic whisper game Telephone with Pictionary, and you have some idea how this fast-paced game works. Players each pick a different topic card and sketch it on their concealed dry erase pads. Move all the pads to the left, and the next person hazards a guess, writing it down. Pass it again and the next player sketches from that guess and so on. The ones whose final guess and original sketch line up win a point. Works best with more players. An adults-only version is now available.

The lowest price we've seen for this game is $12.

"We love Telestrations, and break it out whenever good friends come over. Quick game play and the opportunity for off-the-rail guesses makes the game feel fresh every round. The BEST is if someone in the group just can’t quite sketch what they see in their mind’s eye.” — Robert Haynes-Peterson, MyDomaine Writer

Arlmont & Co Willingham Handmade Mah Jongg Game

Arlmont & Co. Willingham Handmade Mah Jongg Game

Normally $68, Now $60

Popular in East Asia for more than a century, Mah Jongg has seen revived interest and younger fans in the U.S. over the past few years. Up to four players take turns drawing and discarding tiles in often fast-paced rounds until you get the hand you want, build your score, and win the game. This beautiful set is handcrafted from raintree wood featuring 144 tiles painted with Chinese symbols. Easy to learn, a lifetime to master.

The lowest price we've seen for this game is $57.

Catan Studio Catan The Board Game


Normally $55, Now $44 at Amazon

Trade, settle, and build your civilization from the ground up with this exciting game. Perfect for three to four players, this game is sure to keep the fun going. The lowest price we've seen for this game is $33.

Main Street Classics Sinister Table Top Foosball

Main Street Classics Sinister Table Top Foosball

Normally $40, Now $29

No basement or game room? No problem. Recreate the spinning and flipping (but no flopping) of arcade foosball right on any surface (kitchen table, picnic table, tree trunk) and enjoy fast and furious gameplay. At just over two feet long and weighing only five pounds, it’s easy to take along for parties and play dates. Some assembly required. 

Smart Zone Games Hive


Normally $32, Now $26

Bring your strategy sensibilities to play the Hive. It's similar to chess, where you want to envelop your opponent's queen bee tile without letting them surround your queen. Each piece has a set type of moves it can make, but that doesn't stop the game from flying by.

The lowest price we've seen for this item is $26.

Winning Moves Games No Stress Chess

An easy family-style chess game called No Stress Chess.

Normally $18, Now $15

Whether you're craving a second season of "The Queen's Gambit," or are simply ready to learn the game, this chess set is the perfect easy introduction. The included playing cards also help you navigate the board with confidence.

The lowest price we've seen for this game is $10.

Atelier D. Wooden Dominos

Atelier D. Wooden Dominos

Normally $50, Now $25

Clear skies and dominos go hand-in-hand and while there’s definitely nothing wrong with classic “bones,” this hardwood set takes the game to new spaces. Concentric hexagons, laser-etched into the wood replace traditional pips, and the set looks as good sitting on a mantlepiece as it does in action by the pool. Includes cotton carrying bag.

The lowest price we've seen for this game is $25.

Splendor Marvel Board Game

Splendor Marvel Board Game

Normally $50, Now $47

If you’re excited about Marvel movies thanks to the recent release of “Shang Chi” and “Loki,” this is the board game you’re looking for. A fully stand-alone strategy game, and a new twist on classic Splendor, players collect infinity stones with an endgame of claiming the Gauntlet that lets you use them. As with the original game, it’s easy to learn, but new card structure and tactics means you can’t simply rely on gem collection to win.

Alderac Entertainment Group Peter McPherson Tiny Towns

Normally $40, Now $32 at Amazon and Walmart

What we love about this board game is that you can play it solo, or with a group of six, and any combination in between. The goal is to do as the name implies, build your own tiny town with materials you collect. No two games are alike, so you can bet on never getting bored.

The lowest price we've seen for this game is $32.

Normally $20, Now $12 at Amazon and Walmart

Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes with this beloved spy word game. Here's the play by play: two teams go head to head as competing spy agencies. Each team has a spymaster who knows all of the agents by codename, and it's up to your team to match all of the secret agents to their codes board before the other team. Perfect for a group of four or more and for ages 14 and up. It's especially family-friendly. The lowest price we've seen for this game is $11.

USAopoly Telestrations Upside Drawn

USAopoly Telestrations Upside Drawn

Normally $20, Now $8 at Macy's Toys R Us

The hilarious “telephone”-based party drawing game has a new twist: Everyone attempts drawing the subject on the card, but now it’s upside down! Rather than passing your work of art to the player on your left for a guess, this time, coordinated directional commands lead to a race where the first team to guess the clue wins. Ages 12+

West Elm Marbled Stone Stacking Game

Marbled Stone Stacking Game

Normally $130, Now $91

A game that's aesthetically on-point and fun? Count us in, This stunning pick from West Elm is a luxurious take on a fan-favorite stacking game, but with a gorgeous and stylish finish. Keep it as a decorative piece on your coffee table or home office setup when not in use. The lowest price we've seen for this game is $39 (this is a limited time offer, so jump on it now).

Z-Man House of Danger Choose Your Own Adventure

ZMan House of Danger

Normally $23, Now $15

Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? Z-Man has adapted the classic concept to board game format. You can play on your own (ages 10+), but it’s more fun with friends. Each choice involves risk and challenges, and every game ends differently, just like the books.

Spin Master Games MASH Fortune Telling Adult Party Game

Spin Master Games MASH Fortune Telling Adult Party Game

Normally $20, Now $8 at Toys R Us Macy's

Hey 80s Kids! Remember MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)? Sooo many hours spent drawing grids, lists and spirals in school notebooks, then trying to predict where you’ll live, how many kids you’ll have, what car you’ll drive. Spin Master has reimagined the game for adults, with dry erase boards and a colorful deck of cards. Ages 17+

Normally $30, Now $15 at Bloomingdale's

This 500-piece rock-themed puzzle—inspired by Arizona's Antelope Canyon—is sure to inspire your next hike. Just grab your pals and a bottle of wine for a night of puzzle-solving fun.

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