15 Best 2-Player Board Games for Your Next Stay-at-Home Date Night

Planning date night can be exhausting. It’s always nice to dress up and go out, but at what cost? There is the literal price tag on the excursion, depending on what you’d like to do, as well as the cost of being away from the kids or your convenient home amenities.

So, then, why not have a game night instead? Once the initial investment into the games themselves has been made, the potential fun is endless. Play in your pajamas or with wine and dessert or however you feel most comfortable—without anyone to impress, aesthetics come second to the competitive spirit.

Sometimes it is difficult to find fun products for less than three players, and we did not want to leave your date night foundering. We did some research to find the best board games for two players. Browse our diverse list below and save your date nights from any more logistical headaches.