15 Chic Bohemian Rugs You Need to Buy Now, No Passport Needed

When it comes to shopping for rugs, I am admittedly at my most indecisive. Will it fit with my color scheme or with my square-footage? Will I tire of it? All reasonable questions to ask as you consider such an investment, however, in writing this story I realized more and more that these woven works are each a canvas of art, hand spun from destinations the world over. Only instead of sitting idle on your floors, they also lend to the overall functionality to your home.

In an attempt to make our homes more stylish, this is a case for statement rugs as a staple, whether they find their way to your outdoor patio or kitchen floor. However, it is true that with so many options from flat-weave to long, tufted to shag, it can be hard to identify which style is for you. So, Mydomaine has unraveled the conundrum by picking the 15 bohemian rugs you should be shopping right now, with musings on how to style them once they’ve arrived. Step inside the virtual Bazaar.