15 Chic Bohemian Rugs You Need to Buy Now, No Passport Needed

Bohemian rugs—Armadillo & Co
Jenna Peffley ; DESIGN: Sacha Strebe

When it comes to shopping for rugs, I am admittedly at my most indecisive. Will it fit with my color scheme or with my square-footage? Will I tire of it? All reasonable questions to ask as you consider such an investment, however, in writing this story I realized more and more that these woven works are each a canvas of art, hand spun from destinations the world over. Only instead of sitting idle on your floors, they also lend to the overall functionality to your home.

In an attempt to make our homes more stylish, this is a case for statement rugs as a staple, whether they find their way to your outdoor patio or kitchen floor. However, it is true that with so many options from flat-weave to long, tufted to shag, it can be hard to identify which style is for you. So, Mydomaine has unraveled the conundrum by picking the 15 bohemian rugs you should be shopping right now, with musings on how to style them once they’ve arrived. Step inside the virtual Bazaar.

Urban Outfitters Isadora Tufted Rug
Urban Outfitters Isadora Hilo Tufted Rug $39 - $229

A statement rug doesn’t have to mean a weave saturated in color—we love this Urban Outfitters cream tufted rug that speaks volumes through its texture. It’s is the perfect pick if your style is that fine balance between eclectic and minimal—like a blank canvas you can build the room around

Urban Outfitters Althea Hand Tufted Shag Rug
Urban Outfitters Althea Hand Tufted Shag Rug $329

How cozy does this geo-patterned shag look? It makes us want to curl up with a good book and laze the day away. If you’re working with a loft space or one with cement flooring, this is a great way to add warmth to the room in one swift aesthetically-pleasing solution. It even comes in a 2x3 size, which makes for the most stylish bathmat possibly ever. Plus, we can’t get enough of anything with tassel trim—it’s a winner.

Anthropologie, All Roads Texture-Striped Flatweave Rug

Anthropologie All Roads Texture-Striped Flatweave Rug
Anthropologie All Roads Texture-Striped Flatweave Rug $68

More tassel trim, because well, you know. This rug is a gem between the variety in textures, details, and color it’s an unforgettable addition. Warm bright hues like mustard and saffron will invite summer into your home before it’s even spring.

Anthropologie Flatwoven Maylan Rug
Anthropologie Flatwoven Maylan Rug $78

This handwoven rug is like laying down sunshine amidst your favorite décor pieces. The classic diamond motif is the perfect nod to bohemian style, and its flat-weave makes it super simple to clean. Doesn’t hurt that it looks like you may have picked it up on a trip to Mexico.

West Elm Colca Wool rug
West Elm Colca Wool rug $199

This special piece is handmade by craftsmen in India. Fair Trade Certified, each Colca Wool Rug purchase gives back to the communities that weave it. The dynamic earth-tone pattern can instantly bring character to a minimal living space.

Cold Picnic Holly & Kit Rug
Cold Picnic Holly & Kit Rug $135

You’ve may have seen the popular boob bathmat, well this is another work by brilliant makers Cold Picnic. It’s like we had never imagined how complementary olive green, blush pink and navy could be before now—but we’re tempted to make it a signature color palette.

World Market Multicolor Stripe Kilim Woven Zaire Indoor Outdoor Rug
World Market Multicolor Stripe Kilim Woven Zaire Indoor Outdoor Rug $75

If you’ve always dreamt of an adobe house in Santa Fe, this rug is for you. Richly colored, and abundant in detail this rug is hand-woven from recycled plastic bottles. We love the idea of using this as a runner to dress up an unassuming hallway.

NuLOOM Vintage Medallion Stella Area Rug
NuLOOM Stella Vintage Medallion Area Rug, 8' x 10' $375

Warm tones of rich browns and pomegranate reds with details of golden thread make this classic Turkish rug irresistible. With the essence of a family heirloom, this can easily complete any room from the home office to the bedroom.

World Market Boho Woven Cotton Kilim Alina Area Rug
World Market Boho Woven Cotton Kilim Alina Area Rug $90

This traditionally printed piece is reminiscent of Oaxacan craftsmanship that delivers global style right to your home — no plane ticket needed. The geometric prints and saturated colors allow it to enrich any room it’s placed in with easy-on-the-eyes eccentricity.

West Elm Summit Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Midnight
West Elm Summit Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Midnight $299 $209

If you seek versatility in your décor, this reversible choice is your best bet. While it’s still a bohemian staple with its structure and print, the navy, white, and tan color scheme makes it adaptable like a neutral. Indoor or outdoor, this modern take on a Moroccan classic is a conversation starter.

Rugs.com Teal Hand Knotted Nepal Rug
Rugs.com Teal Hand Knotted Nepal Rug $2388 $955

Talk about art, this teal piece is hand-knotted in Nepal from natural wool fibers. It contains a staggering 100 knots per square inch. We truly believe purchases like this are an investment into the quality that can last you through your life and your interior design phases.

IKEA LONHOLT Flatwoven Rug
IKEA LONHOLT Flatwoven Rug $129

The perfect neutral, this flat-weave is very on-trend right now. We love seeing more and more natural materials being worked into homes as if inviting the outdoors in. If you want to add some bohemian accents while being true to your practical roots, this floor covering is for you.

Safavieh Safran Indoor Area Rug
Safavieh Safran Indoor Area Rug $25

There’s something about a faded accent rug that really does give the impression of an object with history—we won’t tell anyone it’s brand new. This one, in particular, is a beautiful Aztec over-dyed pattern that even in all it’s rainbow glory still acts like a solid in all its versatility.

CB2 Faded Light Grey Cactus Silk Rug
CB2 Faded Light Grey Cactus Silk Rug $499

This rug is a true gem in its detail and process. Woven in the small city of Boujad, Morocco by female artisans, it’s the perfect lightweight solution for your purist aesthetic. Known for their ability to withstand the test of time and tread, cactus silk rugs will last you a lifetime. 

Armadillo & Co Nala Rug
Armadillo & Co Nala Natural and Slate Rug $1,499 - $4,380

This contemporary spin on a bohemian rug is for those who feel most comfortable in the realm of monochromatic. Its charm lies in the traditional tribal pattern. As a handmade weave of a high and low pile, this piece is the comfort you seek in a room you prioritize, like your bedroom or living areas. 

CB2 Gigi Faded Light Red Rug
CB2 Gigi Faded Light Red Rug $349

Another handwoven find, this beauty is significant in its individuality. In a process steeped in tradition, this rug is crafted in Bhadohi, India, and retailed exclusively to CB2. You won’t find anything else like it unless you’re strolling through the meanders of its origin city’s market place.

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