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Book of the month clubs give readers a recommended new book, delivered to their door each month. These subscriptions are available for many different genres and some include access to interactive, online book club communities.

The best book of the month clubs include options to choose your own book or receive a personalized recommendation. This helps to ensure that you’re interested in reading the book you receive—and it avoids having duplicates on your shelf. However, some book subscriptions also offer the option to receive a refund or exchange for titles you already own or aren’t interested in. Book of the month clubs exist for audiobooks as well, giving you another way to stay well-read. Continue reading for more about the best book of the month clubs.

Best Book of the Month Clubs of 2023

Best Overall: Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Why We Chose It: A major player in the book-by-mail game, Book of the Month (BOTM) is an affordable, easy-to-use subscription service that lets you pick from five to seven titles each month—or skip the month if you’re behind on your reading list.

What We Like

  • Pick your book from five to seven new titles
  • Avid readers can add up to two additional titles each month
  • Shipping is free

What We Don’t Like

  • No option to receive more than one copy of the same title

Book of the Month has been delivering great reads since 1926, so it’s safe to say that this is a good place to start if you’re searching for book subscriptions. Every month, BOTM releases five to seven titles for subscribers to pick from. You’ll pay $17.99 for the titles you pick, and you can add up to two more books at the same price. You're able to pause or cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked.

To help steer you in the right direction, Book of the Month includes essential information about each title, such as a synopsis and a "Good to Know" and "Quick Take" sections. You can also check out a library of past picks to beef up your book collection with other quality reads or whittle down your literary bucket list.

Best for Kids: Bookroo



Why We Chose It: The flexible options of Bookroo and targeted age groups make this a great book subscription for growing readers. Boxes include board books, picture books, or chapter books and are available for monthly delivery.

What We Like

  • Receive a 15 percent discount when signing up for multiple subscriptions for the same address
  • Every book comes individually wrapped
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed on your first box or you’ll receive a refund

What We Don’t Like

  • Shipping is not included
  • No opportunity to customize reading preferences

Bookroo is one of the largest platforms dedicated to children’s books. Every month, the site sends out monthly book subscriptions for kids from its growing collection of over 35,000 titles. Subscriptions are grouped by book type: Board Book Club, Picture Book Club, Junior Chapter Book Club and Middle Grade Book Club. If you have readers at different stages, you can choose an alternating subscription and receive board books one month and picture books the next. Or, receive a 15 percent discount on two or more subscriptions delivered to the same address.

Parents of babies and toddlers will appreciate a board book subscription, while kids between the ages of 3 and 6 will enjoy the unique, hand-selected picture books. For more advanced readers in the range of 7 to 10 years old, Bookroo sends two chapter books every month. The emphasis in all subscriptions is on helping young readers discover new and engaging stories.

There’s no option to customize reading preferences or preview each month’s titles. However, Bookroo feels fairly confident that its in-depth research will turn up titles you haven’t heard of.

Best for Audiobooks: Brilliant Books

Brilliant Books

Brilliant Books

Why We Chose It: Most audiobook platforms leave the decision-making process of what to listen to in your hands, but with Brilliant Books' Monthly Audio subscription, you’ll receive a curated pick to listen to on

What We Like

  • Receive DRM-free audiobooks
  • Every pick is curated for you by an expert bookseller

What We Don’t Like

  • Only six- and 12-month prepaid subscriptions are available
  • No opportunity to receive additional audiobook titles each month

If you prefer to listen to audiobooks, you can still benefit from a book of the month subscription. Brilliant Books' Monthly Audio subscription combines the curated approach of a monthly book subscription with the power of the platform.

Every month, an experienced bookseller will use your preferences, suggestions, or requests to recommend a new title for you. You’ll have the chance to preview the audiobook, eliminating the possibility of receiving a book you’ve already read or a subject you’re not interested in. Once confirmed, Brilliant Books will send you a link to download a new audiobook title on Every title is DRM (digital rights management)-free, meaning that you own the files and can play them across a variety of devices or platforms. Choose a six- or 12-month prepaid subscription, which costs $115 and $225, respectively.

You can also subscribe to audiobook platforms directly, but the advantage of an audiobook of the month subscription is receiving a handpicked title rather than spending the time checking out the latest releases or bestseller lists. If you like to listen to books on the go or for a soothing way to unwind, eliminate the guesswork and go with a curated audiobook subscription like this one from Brilliant Books.

Best Curated: Page 1

Page 1

Page 1

Why We Chose It: While some book subscriptions leave you no choice of the titles received and others expect you to pick from a limited selection, Page 1 is a curated book subscription that uses your preferences to handpick a book you’ll enjoy.

What We Like

  • Receive a replacement on any title you don’t like
  • Update your profile and preferences at anytime

What We Don’t Like

  • No cancellations or refunds available on subscriptions

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to reading interests, so Page 1 takes a curated approach to its book of the month club. Rather than sending one book to all subscribers or presenting a small selection of titles for subscribers to choose from, you’ll fill out a questionnaire when signing up for this service. Whether it’s preferred genres, favorite authors, or subjects to steer clear of, Page 1 takes note of all these factors. You can also include a link to your Goodreads account if you have one.

Every month, the team at Page 1 will handpick a new book title for you and ship it out. Books may be either paperback or hardcover, but you can opt to receive hardcover-only books while signing up. There is also an option to receive large print books as well.

Page 1 goes the extra mile to ensure reader satisfaction, replacing any title you already have read or aren’t interested in without even asking for you to make a return; just donate the book or pass it on to a friend. Subscriptions last for three, six, or 12 months and require payment upfront.

Best for Book Collectors: Strand



Why We Chose It: Serious book collectors will love the subscription service from Strand, which sends signed, first-edition hardcover books to subscribers.

What We Like

  • Shipping is included
  • Choose from a variety of subscription lengths

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited genres for the Pick of the Month subscription

Fill your home library with books when you join either of Strand’s book subscription services. The New York City-based bookseller offers quarterly book of the month subscriptions.

With the Book HookUp, subscribers receive a signed, first-edition hardcover book on a quarterly basis—along with another paperback title and an assortment of literary-inspired swag. You’ll be able to choose from eight different genres, including children’s books, sci-fi, fiction, and much more. On the other hand, avid readers may be more interested in Strand’s monthly subscription, the Pick of the Month. This subscription ships a signed, first-edition book to subscribers three, six, or 12 times a year. Genre choices are limited to Sci-Fi, Mystery, or Fiction.

While you might not have the time or ability to track down first-edition books and have them signed by the author, Strand is giving you a shortcut to an impressive book collection. Readers and collectors alike will appreciate receiving regular deliveries from Strand, but if you do receive a title you already own, return it by mail for a store credit with the bookseller.

Final Verdict

Book of the Month Club offers a straightforward approach to receiving new and popular titles each month, and costs less than many other book subscriptions. You can pause or cancel at any time, keeping the commitment low if you get behind on your reading list. For a more personalized book subscription, go with Page 1. This bookseller uses your personal reader profile to handpick a new book for every delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Book of the Month Club?

A book of the month club is a subscription service that sends you one book or more on a monthly or sometimes quarterly basis. Usually, the books are chosen by the club, but sometimes you’ll have your pick of several different titles.

How Much Do Book of the Month Clubs Cost?

Some book of the month clubs charge month-to-month, and you can pause or cancel at any time, while others collect the total subscription cost upfront. The cost of the subscription pays for the book you receive, though shipping is sometimes an additional cost. The cost for a club ranges anywhere from $14.99 per month to upward of $200 for prepaid, long-term options of six months or more.

Are There Book of the Month Clubs for Kids?

While the majority of book of the month clubs are geared toward adult readers, some specifically target kids. Several book of the month clubs are designed for young readers—ranging from newborns to teens.

For teenage readers, many book of the month clubs offer young adult titles or you can use a curated book of the month club to get reading recommendations that are age and reading-level appropriate.

How We Chose the Best Book of the Month Clubs

We evaluated some of the top options for book subscription services, including large, online-only book of the month clubs and brick-and-mortar retailers that offer monthly or quarterly book subscriptions. In many cases, we created an account to check out all the options available and get to the bottom line of pricing and subscription terms.

Factors considered for each book of the month club included monthly cost, the opportunity to pause or cancel at any time, the returns or exchange policy, and options to increase the number of book titles received.