The 7 Best Books About Astrology (If You're Looking to the Stars for Answers)

The world is tricky, as you're well aware. Sometimes it feels as though the main aspects of life are all spinning plates—love, family, friends, career—and each of us is doing our best to keep everything in motion. Some of the success in that momentum is based on hard work. But some of it, too, is rooted in pure luck. That's probably why it seems as though astrology has grown in popularity recently: We're all just looking for explanations behind why things are the way they are. And maybe the zodiac can provide the clarity and comfort we need to continue on.

Whether you're new to astrology or you're an expert in the zodiac, these seven books on the subject will give you everything you need to know about this often-quoted realm. From deciphering the inner-workings of a Capricorn to discovering if a Pisces and a Leo are well-suited for a relationship, these books provide the comprehensive tools you need to understand this work and its many insightful details. Hopefully, these titles give you clues into how to keep your life spinning to the best of your control.