15 of the Best Books for Long Flights That Make the Time Fly By

Call me old-fashioned, but I cannot travel without bringing a book along. Sometimes this book is literally old—I brought a vintage edition of The Grapes of Wrath with me on a flight earlier this year—and sometimes it's simply familiar.

When I fly to Minnesota in the summer, for instance, I gingerly pack a beloved copy of The Great Gatsby in my bag. I've read it a dozen times, but there's something about imagining those Midwesterners partying in a West Egg mansion that's uniquely satisfying when boats are beating against the current just out of view.

Books have always created separate worlds, and that escape can be even more enticing when we step away from our own. A good book can transport you from a long flight or enhance the setting of your temporary surroundings. I knew the team at Girls at Library would understand, and that's why I asked them to share the titles they like to take along while traveling, too.

In case you haven't heard of Girls at Library, it's a community that launched in 2015 for female bibliophiles to discuss their reading habits: what they're into, who they're following, and how their love of books has impacted their lives. As their mission touts, "The books one reads both shape the mind and reflect the soul," and there's no reason that shouldn't happen on the road.

Below, co-founder and editor in chief Payton Turner, co-founder and creative director Eliza Wexelman, and assistant editor Justine Goode clue us into the titles they select whenever a long flight is in their future, and why these stories feel particularly good in transit.