5 Books You Should Be Reading, According to the World's Most Successful Women

Rather than setting a New Year's resolution to read more, why not read in a way that can help your career? Fortunately for us, much of the drive, insight, and inspiration that purported our female idols to fame and fortune can be found resting on a bookshelf with a $15 price sticker on it. In the spirit of new beginnings, Business Insider recently aggregated the five books cherished by our nation's most successful women, from Tory Burch to Sheryl Sandberg. Whether these women own their own companies or have built an eponymous fashion empire from scratch, they've all found solace, strength, and motivation in the pages of a book. Read on to your dream career in the new year.

Keep scrolling to see the five books to read to further pave your path to success in 2017.

Opening Image: Alyssa Rosenheck PhotographyDesign: Kendall Simmons.