17 Life-Changing Bras You’ll Never Want to Take Off


A bra needs to provide support, but at the same time, we don’t want to be reminded we’re wearing one, right? If you’re constantly tugging and adjusting yours through clothing, or if you can’t go a day without feeling a prod, poke or pinch, it may be time to check your fit or find a new bra. “Doing so can be life-changing,” says bra expert Jenny Altman, who has fitted bras for celebs like Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift, and Reese Witherspoon. Here, 17 bras that fit the bill. The best part: They’re affordable, with many selling for less than $50. A good reason to buy more than one! 

1. Hanes Ultimate Comfort Blend T-Shirt Wirefree Bra

Softer than your favorite t-shirt, tag-free so there’s no itch, and moisture-wicking to keep your skin dry, there’s a reason the words “ultimate comfort” appear in this bra’s name. Add convertible straps and nipple concealing petals (to prevent peek-a-boo accidents), and you’ve got a bra that works with any outfit. 

Fit tip: Boob sweat is real! It’s the result of wearing a bra made with a heavier fabric or one with too much padding. A breathable, lightly lined bra or a t-shirt bra, such as this one, keeps you cool and wicks away wetness. 

Hanes Ultimate Comfort Blend T-Shirt Wirefree Bra $36 $19

2. True & Co True Body Scoop Neck Bra

This bra feels so good against the skin; you’ll look forward to putting it on. Made of a nylon and elastane blend, this fabric retains its stretch and softness even after lots of wear and washing. Plus, the reinforced seams lie flat against the body (so no bulging under clothes), removable pads, adjustable straps, and no irritating clasp or tags. 

Fit tip: For a perfect fit, it’s best to get professionally measured. Most department stores and specialty shops, like Soma and Aerie, have fitters in their bra departments. A bra fitter will measure your rib cage and bust area using a measuring tape to determine your band and cup size. Next, they take into account your breast shape and how far apart your breasts sit from one another before ultimately calculating your size. If you don’t feel comfortable going for an in-person fitting, check out online retailers like BareNecessities.com or Brayola.com, who have fit calculators that are easy to use. 

True & Co True Body Scoop Neck Bra $44

3. Cosabella Soire Confidence Molded Bra

These cups are made of two layers of gorgeous Italian mesh to provide comfort and support, while butted stitching eliminates seams, resulting in a super smooth fit and feel. The best part: This bra comes in seven neutral shades, making it easy to match your bra to your skin tone. 

Fit tip: A white bra will often show through sheer and white clothing, but a nude bra will always remain incognito. When choosing a nude shade, if you can’t find an exact skin match, go for a slightly lighter tone.

Cosabella Soire Confidence Molded Underwire Bra $69

4. HANRO Cotton Sensation Soft Cup Bra

This lightweight bra feels incredibly comfortable against the skin, thanks to the perfect combination of super-soft pima cotton and spandex. Free of any underwire or padding, the molded cups are created using two layers of fabric to support and shape your breasts. The straps are designed to be wider in the front (5/8”) and slimmer in the back (1/2”), for extra support. 

Fit tip: Fasten the band on the middle or loosest hook when wearing a new bra. Then, as your bra ages and stretches, you can tighten up the banding by moving to the tightest hook. 

HANRO Cotton Sensation Soft Cup Bra $86

5. Commando Minimalist V-Bralette

This bra debunks the theory that bralettes don't provide enough support. The stretch matte microfiber molds to the skin and the elasticized band under the cups provides support. 

Fit tip: Pain or digging in your shoulders is often the result of a band that’s too large. Surprising, right? The band provides most of the support—if this fits correctly, your shoulder straps won’t need to work as hard.

Commando Minimalist V-Bralette $64

6. Gap Everyday Smooth Favorite Coverage Bra

An underwire doesn't need to be uncomfortable and constraining. In this bra, the underwire is discretely encased in padding to provide cushioned support without agitation. The sheen weave of the nylon fabric feels smooth against the skin, and the removable straps in the back allow you to crisscross them to create a racerback style. 

Fit tip: Any wiring should surround the whole under part of the breast, but shouldn’t press against the underarm or center cleavage. It also shouldn’t ride up when lifting your arms over your head, which indicates you’re wearing the wrong size. 

Gap Everyday Smooth Favorite Coverage Bra $45

7. Hanky Panky Signature Lace Removable Pad Bralette

The pads in this lace bra are removable and provide support and shape without the use of underwire, while the stretch tulle lining has darts sewn in for an extra lift. The lack of a back closure eliminates any chance of itching and skin chafing. 

Fit tip: Wash your bras—especially lace ones—by hand in cool water. Also, be sure to rotate (i.e., don’t wear the same one multiple days in a row), to prevent the fabric from stretching out before its time. If you have to throw your bra in a washing machine, use a lingerie bag to protect delicate fabrics, keep underwire in shape, and prevent the clasp from catching onto other clothing. Never throw a bra in the dryer—most contain Lycra or spandex, which breaks down with heat. 

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Removable Pad Bralette $58

8. Marks & Spencer Perfect Fit Padded Push-Up Bra

The soft cups of this push-up bra are made of memory foam that mold to your shape, creating a natural-looking lift. The lace detail says “pretty” while remaining undetectable under clothing. 

Fit tip: A woman’s bra size changes many times over her lifetime. Get refitted regularly (at least once a year), especially after having a baby, starting a new workout regimen, and gaining or losing 5+ pounds.

Marks & Spencer Perfect Fit Padded Push-Up Bra $43

9. Bluebella Mortimer Bra Black

Gold hardware may not be what you’d expect to find on a bra designed to be comfortable. However, this so-pretty-you-won’t-want-to-cover-it-up bra has good looks and a cozy feel. The microfiber fabric provides a smooth touch against the skin, while padded cups and a wide mesh under band, containing strips of soft boning shape and lift. 

Fit tip: An under band should stay level and fit snug around your body—if it rides, gaps, or won’t stay in place, it’s either too big or stretched out. 

Bluebella Mortimer Bra Black $62

10. Natori Feathers Push Up Bra

Behold, a 5-in-1 bra that’s comfortable and hardworking. Stretch fabric, padded cups, a tag-free construction, foam-covered underwire, and convertible back straps provide a stable fit that feels super comfortable against the skin. 

Fit tip: It’s not uncommon for one breast to be larger than the other, so be sure to adjust your straps accordingly. You'll want them tight enough so they don’t slip off the shoulder (which could be a sign your cups are too big), but loose enough they don’t dig into your skin (which might mean your cups are too small or your band has lost elasticity). You can make your breasts appear to be more symmetrical by adding a bra cutlet to the cup with the smaller breast or by buying a bra with removable pads. 

Natori Feathers Push Up Bra $66 $28

11. Victoria’s Secret Incredible Perfect Shape Bra

This bra contains a mix of fabrics including nylon, polyester, and spandex, and features an underwire encased in foam to prevent poking or prodding. It boasts a wideband and push-up padding for added support, plus it’s available in a range of colors—from pink to citron to violet—so there’s no compromising fashion for comfort and fit. 

Fit tip: You should only be able to fit one finger between your back and the band. If it’s looser than that, the band size is too big. 

Victoria’s Secret Incredible Perfect Shape Bra $55

12. Figleaves Smoothing Sweetheart Bra

Ultra-soft, brushed microfiber fabric provides breathability and all-day comfort, while flat, encased seams and a padded hook-and-eye closure means no rubbing or scratching. 

Fit tip: Bands and cups determine your size, but so does the shape of your breasts. Breasts vary in shape, including teardrop, asymmetric, and East-West (where your nipples point outwards and have more space between them), so it’s best to turn to a fit specialist to help you determine the right style bra for your breast shape.

Figleaves Smoothing Sweetheart Bra $49 $34

13. For Love and Lemons Belle Underwire Bra

You’ll spend a little more on this underwire bra, but it’s so gorgeous, you won't mind. Made of paisley lace and silky satin, this bra's straps contain a hint of stretch for comfort, while a thicker band holds everything in place. Plus, the underwire doesn’t connect at the center gore—the spot in front where the two cups come together—reducing the chance of friction. 

Fit tip: Place your finger on the center of your bra and see if it lays flat against your sternum. If it doesn’t, your cups may be too small, causing the center of your bra to hover over your chest.

For Love and Lemons Belle Underwire Bra $126 $40

14. Everlane The Tank Bra

Here’s what sets this bra apart: The fabric is double layered in Supima cotton, which is known for its longer fibers, which provide a silk-like feel. The seams on this bra lay flat, so there’s no riding, while the elastane gives the fabric some stretch.  

Fit tip: Don’t be afraid to go up in size. If your breasts are supported correctly, you’ll create what looks like a slimmer waistline.  

Everlane The Tank Bra $22

15. Sloggi Zero Feel Bralette

This barely-there, seamless bralette with removable pads is made from an ultra-soft stretch microfiber and is the perfect hybrid between a traditional bra and sports bra. No wires, no back hooks, no tags—just a lux-feeling fabric at a great price. 

Fit tip: The best way to put on a bra? Bend over at the waist, hook the clasp, (if there’s no hook, slip the bra over your head), then using your hands, scoop your breasts into each cup. The cup should fully encapsulate each breast without any spillage over the sides or the tops.

Sloggi Zero Feel Bralette $40

16. Soma Enbliss Racerback Bralette

This wireless racerback is V-shaped in both the front and back, which looks great under low-cut tops. The adjustable straps are on the thinner side (many racerback bras have thicker straps that show under blouses), plus, it comes in a wide assortment of nude shades and sizes (from small to XXXL).

Fit tip: If your bra straps are constantly slipping off, try a racerback or a convertible bra with a J hook (a hook and eye on the back of the bra straps which allows you to convert the bra into a racerback), as some women are just too narrow in the shoulders to fit into traditional bras. 

Soma Enbliss Racerback Bralette $46

17. Spanx Bra-llelujah! Full Coverage Bra

Leave it up to the people at Spanx to create a bra that uses a hosiery material to provide support and smooth out back lumps and bumps. A simple front closure eliminates any bulky back hardware; plus, the bra comes in seven colors, from vintage rose to bright yellow and midnight navy. 

Fit tip: If you see wrinkles in your cups, your cups are too big— there should be no gaping or creasing. 

Spanx Bra-llelujah! Full Coverage Bra $68

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