These Are the 5 Best Breastfeeding Pumps, According to Moms Who've Tried Them

There should be a specific phase to describe the unique adjustment period new mothers experience. Sleepless nights, tears, and diapers are one thing—that's an obvious learning curve—but then there are smaller, less discussed details that pop up, too. And one of those under-the-radar factors is how to choose a breastfeeding pump that works for you.

You can't exactly try out a bunch of different pumps in your spare time once a baby arrives. But if you're expecting and you happen to have a free moment now, we'd like to make this aspect of motherhood a little less daunting. We asked a few creatives and members of the MyDomaine Moms Facebook Group to share their tips, and these are the five best breastfeeding pumps they recommend. Hopefully, these words of wisdom will make one part of this adjustment period more manageable.