Top 4 Neutral Brown Paint Colors That Look Super Refined

Shades of Brown Can Be Surprisingly Sophisticated

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Crisp white walls will never go out of style, which is a good thing since they tend to be the default. But if you want to experiment with other neutrals, say hello to the richest hue of all: brown. It's a great way to experiment with color while still opting for something that can work with a variety of color schemes and offer plenty of range. Like fresh whites and cool grays, brown flatters a variety of finishes, textures, and styles, and yet it emits much more warmth.

  • Color Family: Browns 
  • Complementary Colors: None
  • Pairs Well With: Blue and gold
  • Mood: Warm, natural, and rustic
  • Where to Use: Anywhere, including walls, front door, and accents

So if you want to create an inviting space, look no further. Whether it's a statement wall, trimmings, cabinets, or just one of the rooms in your home, shades of brown can create great depth and intrigue while still being soft and easy on the eyes. From light and understated tones to deep, saturated shades, check out the gorgeous spaces that bring brown paint colors to life.

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Farrow & Ball "Pelt"

Farrow & Ball - Pelt

 Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

With deep, dark purple and rich chocolate brown hues, these walls and ceiling look like velvet. The space boasts a regal spirit without teetering on pretension. There's a ton of color play happening in this living room, and yet it all works together wonderfully. The cream of the sofa and carpet lighten up the room without looking overly saturated and cool, and the touches of black throughout the space sharpen up the softer elements. Notice how the artwork reflects the primary colors throughout the room as well as the geometric throw, which contrasts well with the more whimsical print on the carpet.

Farrow & Ball Pelt
Farrow & Ball "Pelt" $8.00
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Portola Paints "Golden Rust"

a living room with golden wheat paint

 Studio Ashby

Gentle and understated, yet upbeat and bold, this shade of brown has a nice earthiness to it. The golden touches throughout the space make this room feel as fresh as an all-white room, just slightly sunnier and delightfully unexpected. We love how the artwork is in conversation with the large pieces, like how the lounge chair matches with the blue details in the left painting. The Lucite table is also a nice, modern touch that provides functional perks without visually overwhelming the room that's bursting with color and character.

Portola Paints Golden Rust
Portola Paints "Golden Rust" $10.00
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Farrow & Ball "Tanner's Brown"

Farrow & Ball - Tanner's Brown

Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Reminiscent of dark leather hides, the brown cabinets have a grounded energy. If you want your kitchen to feel inviting and friendly while also feeling clean and crisp, take note of the cabinet and subway tile contrast above. The industrial feel of the exposed beams, brick walls, and concrete floors is given a sophisticated twist with the large chandelier and beautiful raw wood dining table.

With an open floor plan, choose a color palette that sticks to shades of brown, gray, and white.

Farrow & Ball Tanner's Brown
Farrow & Ball "Tanner's Brown" $8.00
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Farrow & Ball "Dove Tale"

Farrow & Ball - Dove Tail

 Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Though this beige is definitely a neutral, understated shade, it's not pigment-shy. With a sage green velvet sofa, a jute rug, a raw wood coffee table, and large indoor florals, this living room is inspired by natural beauty. The result is an elegant space that also feels laid-back and calming.

Farrow & Ball Dove Tale
Farrow & Ball "Dove Tale" $8.00