The Best Budgeting Apps to Save Major Money in 2017

When it comes to your finances, do you take a head-on or a head-in-the-sand approach? If you identify with the latter, then the good news is, you're not alone. The bad news? You're not alone. New data suggests that when it comes to managing money, women are not as independent as you'd expect. In fact, 91% of women in couples are not participating in financial decisions. But we want to change that statistic. To help you become a master of your own finances, we're debuting a new series called The Paper Files, where we uncover tricks and tips that will help you manage your money and your future. Ready to tackle it head-on?

Do you struggle to keep track of your money? Is your savings account pretty much nonexistent? We feel you. Managing your personal finances can be stressful. But we found the simple solution. From Mint to Digit, a crop of budgeting apps have flooded the market, as Silicon Valley takes aim at helping the average person stay afloat in these perilous waters.

Whether it’s keeping track of your receipts, monitoring your investments, or just creating a weekly budget, the best budgeting apps have it all. Oh, and it helps that their interfaces are both easy to use and easy on the eyes. Below, the best budgeting apps to solve your money woes and set yourself up for financial success in the future.