These Are 3 "Incredibly Effective Butt Exercises," Says a Celebrity Trainer

Updated 08/31/19

It's safe to say that the butt has been having a bit of a moment over the last few years. If you are traversing the internet in search of the perfect butt-toning workout, look no further than celebrity trainer Shaun T's favorite glute exercises. The man behind workouts like Insanity, Focus T25, and Max:30 recently shared what he considers to be "incredibly effective butt exercises" with Shape, and we can't wait to give them a try. The best part? There's no equipment required, and the full circuit takes around 10 minutes. Below, read through the glute-sculpting moves that Shaun T swears by: 

360 Squat

Step One: "Start in a squat position, making sure your back is flat and your weight is in your heels. Bring your hands towards the ground in between your legs, with your fingertips pointing towards the floor."

Step Two: "Hop, turning 90 degrees while staying low in the squat. Continue this rotation until you return to the front, then reverse the circle." Do as many reps as possible for one minute.


Step One: "Start in a single leg squat position, with your left leg extended straight behind you and your toes pointing towards the floor. Keeping your back flat back, reach your fingers towards the ground."

Step Two: Drive the left knee forward, exploding into the air from the standing leg, and reach for the ceiling. Continue for 60 seconds then switch to the other leg." Do as many reps as possible for one minute on each leg.

Back Lunge Kick

Step One: "Start in a standing position. Step your left foot back into a lunge position."

Step Two: "On the way up, lift the knee until it's parallel to the floor, then kick the left leg out in front of you. Continue for 60 seconds then repeat on the other leg." Do as many reps as possible for one minute on each leg.

Head over to Shape for more of Shaun T's exercises!

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