6 Filling Foods to Eat When You're Craving Carbs (But Trying to Get in Shape)

Some of the greatest foods known to man are made up of carbohydrates; I never want to live in a world without pizza, pasta, and bread. But what these delicious foods offer in taste and satiety, they lack in nutritional value. Refined and processed carbohydrates like those found in white bread and pasta are a key contributor to weight gain and can even cause bloating and indigestion. So if you're working on staying healthy ahead of summer and want to pick up some healthier eating habits along the way, consider Insider's list of realistic carb swaps. Adapted from an excerpt of The Pizza Diet by chef Pasquale Cozzolinothese suggestions all stick to the strategy of opting for filling, fiber-rich complex carbs that give your body sustained energy. Get your carb fix without the extra pounds by sticking to the following six foods.