The Best Card Games to Make Game Night Even More Fun

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Game night may look a little different right now, but if you’re on a mission to find the best card games to play with your family, your partner, or your closest friends (even if it has to be over Zoom), we’ve got you covered.

Some of them are excellent choices for family game night, while others have some NSFW content, so make sure you’re double-checking the age limits and choosing one that everyone will enjoy. We’ve also included a premium set of playing cards, so if you prefer poker night over family game night, there’s something here for you too.

Here, the best card games, from funny and daring to personal. 

Hygge Games ...I Should Have Known That! Trivia Game

Hygge Games I Should Have Known That! Party Game

...I Should Have Known That! is a trivia game that asks questions about things you might actually know, so you don’t have to be a scholar in ancient history or a classic art buff to get some points. Composed of 400 questions, this game covers pop culture, movies, or more modern-day events and facts like, “How long does Sleeping Beauty sleep?” and “What one thing does a koala’s diet mainly consist of?”

It’s suitable for two players, but can be organized as a party game too. It’s also great for families since there are a lot of novice trivia questions that even the kids can answer.

Clarendon Games Truth Serum: Truth or Dare

Uncommon Goods Truth or Dare Card Game

This card game takes the classic sleepover favorite, Truth or Dare, up a notch. It includes two medicine bottle-shaped decks of cards (100 cards in total). One deck contains a series of truth questions, like “If I went through your room, what would I be surprised to find?”, while the other is a stack of potentially risky requests, like “Read everyone the first email in your inbox.” The goal is to successfully get through five of the cards before anyone else. If you do, you win.

While the dares and prying questions aren’t too risqué, this game is recommended for players 18 and up.

TeeTurtle Daring Contest: Family Edition

TeaTurtle Daring Contest Family Edition

If you want to skip the truths and go right to the juicy dares, then Daring Contest is the game for you (and your family). It includes 160 dare cards that challenge you to do things like put the judge’s socks on your hands and perform a sock puppet opera. For every feat you accomplish, you get one to three points, depending on how challenging or embarrassing the dare is. There are also modifier cards that up the ante and penalty cards that are given if you don’t complete a challenge.

This game is ideal for four to eight players and there are two editions—the base game and the family (or safe for work) edition. The family game is suitable for ages 12 and up, while the classic version is better for adults (18+) only.

Forget date night—this romantic card game spans an entire week, forcing each member on secret missions that encourage sweet behaviors, like cooking dinner or bringing in the groceries, earning points for every completed task. There are also strategy cards that prompt you to answer personal questions about your partner, like what’s their favorite color, movie, or band. If you answer incorrectly, you lose a point.

At the end of the week, the partner with the most points gets to choose a reward, like breakfast in bed, from a stack of reward cards.

What Do You Meme? Incohearant Adult Party Game

What Do You Meme? Incohearant Adult Party Game

From the makers of the party favorite What Do You Meme? comes this new adult party game where you have to form a coherent word or phrase from what appears to be a bunch of gibberish. The 500 cards have short words like “men nog gummy” that you have to translate to actual English by sounding them out to decode the word or phrase (monogamy). During your turn, you try to translate up to three cards while the sand timer counts down.

You can play with two (or more) people, but Incohearant does have some mature content, so it’s best suited for people aged 17 and older.

Gutter Games Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

Gutter Games Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

In this family party game, players go head to head, challenging each other to duels or trying to complete solo tasks that are more difficult than they sound. Using 80 betting tokens, you place wagers on your ability to complete the given challenges, and whoever has the most tokens at the end wins. This game is recommended for two to eight players and suitable for ages 9 and up.

The Ultimate Game for Couples Challenges

The Ultimate Game for Couples Cards

The Ultimate Game for Couples allows you to connect on an intimate (and hilarious) basis with your partner, or challenge other couples to see how well you know your better halves. There are two different card packs—guess cards and challenge cards. The guess cards ask questions about your partner like, “What is one thing I wish you did more of?” or “Which celebrity would I want to play me in a movie?” The challenge cards dare you to a challenge like, “Let me tickle your feet for 30 seconds without resistance,” or naming two countries that start with a letter of your partner’s choosing.

You get a point for each completed challenge or correct guess and the person (or couple) with the most points wins. The manufacturer recommends this game for ages 17 and up and any number of couples can play.

Hygge Games Who in the Room? Party Game

Hygge Games Who in the Room? Party Game

This point-and-laugh game is the perfect way to find out what your friends and family really think of you. It contains 110 cards (with over 300 questions), all of which start with “Who in the room…” and end with things like “...would survive the least amount of time on a desert island?” or “...would get a tattoo of a person they just met three days ago?”

Players take turns reading questions out loud and then everyone in the room points at their answer. It’s ideal for groups of four or more and recommended for adults only (18+).

Misc. Goods Co. Quality Playing Cards Deck

Quality Playing Cards Deck

If you’re looking for a premium set of playing cards, this set by Misc. Goods Co. is one of the prettiest you'll find. While it still has the classic card look, the illustrations have a more luxe feel, and each card is made on quality card stock that's thick and built to last.

All of the sets are embossed with gold foil detailing, and you can choose from five colors—black, ivory, sandstone, cacti, and cina (a dark tie-dye inspired set).

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