Kick-Start Your Career This Year With These 9 Books

It's that time of year when we wipe the slate clean and start fresh; it's officially time for a reboot. And by that, we mean it's time to rekindle the flame within so the fire is really burning strong before you begin… or risk losing steam before year's end. We get it—the last thing you want to hear is someone telling you how to steer your career when you feel like your hands never left the wheel, but a little extra incentive, inspiration, and motivation never hurt anyone, right? So before you hit the gas pedal on another year, scroll down for some books that will keep you on track, drive you to success, and feed your soul.

The Self-Motivator
Amy Cuddy Presence $28 $17

We've all encountered a difficult conversation or intense interview that racks our nerves and leaves us feeling powerless. But rather than approach these moments with anxiety only to be filled with regret, Harvard professor and best-selling author Amy Cuddy asks us to access our personal power so we can achieve "presence." What is this, you ask? Put simply, it's the "state in which we stop worrying about the impression we're making on others and instead adjust the impression we've been making on ourselves." But before you start thinking this is just another self-help book, Cuddy insists "presence" doesn't come from a grand spiritual quest or major inner transformation; rather, it comes about via a "tweaking of our body language, behavior, and mindset in our day-to-day lives." Her TED Talk on "power poses" garnered tens of millions of viewers worldwide, and now she teaches us how to use these simple techniques so we, too, can handle high-pressure moments without fear and perform at our peak.

The Idea Generator
Carmine Gallo Talk Like TED $16 $13

If you're feeling stuck and out of ideas, you're not alone. We've all got post-holidays brain this time of year, but it's time to reconnect the wiring up there and spawn some fresh concepts. How? Start by taking some inspiration from the world's top minds. This book will help you generate new ideas and show you how to present them like a boss, too. Author Carmine Gallo has compiled the key points from top TED Talk speakers to help you sell your ideas with purpose and vigor. Public speaking is something that can spark fear in many of us, but with these helpful tips, you can turn any presentation into a dynamic speech to boost your team's energy, firing up the office and yourself.

The Crowd-Pleaser
Michael Port Steal the Show $27 $16

As children, we were all masters of commanding attention. We could gather crowds of people just to watch us clap our hands or say something silly. What happened to that confidence and capacity to influence over the years? Whether you're in a leadership role that requires you to motivate staff, you need to convince a boardroom of your ideas or pitch to a client, or you're about to tackle a big interview, Michael Port will help you steal the show. His New York Times best-seller draws methods from successful actors that will help you inspire and impress any audience.

The Game Changer
Richard N. Bolles What Color Is Your Parachute? $20 $15

This is the world's most popular job-hunting guide for a reason. Ten million copies sold has to stand for something. If you're on the hunt for work right now, then this book will be your bible. Discover how to write a résumé and a cover letter that stand out above the pile, network like a pro, be confident at the interview, and negotiate your salary. But beyond the practicalities, it even helps you to find out what your dream job is. Are you sold yet?

The Ultimate Mentor
Aliza Licht Leave Your Mark $26

Okay, it's time to get real. If you're tired of theory, strategy, and directives, then Aliza Licht's Leave Your Mark will be a breath of fresh air. Drawing from her experience as a fashion communications executive, Licht shares personal and professional guidance for every career girl, from those just starting out to the more established. Learn how to communicate effectively, build your personal brand, and create a "strong sense of self" to survive the modern working world. Aside from the advice, this book is sassy, witty, and uplifting in the style only Aliza knows. And if you don't believe us, InStyle said it's a "must-read for both recent grads just starting their careers and Millennials already in the work force."

The Purpose Generator
Alexis Jones I Am That Girl $16 $10

If you're feeling like you haven't hit your career stride yet, then it might be time to ask yourself these questions: What is your passion? What is your purpose? What do you want to be? If you don't know, then you've got your answer. While you were busy climbing the ladder or trying to get on one, these questions somehow got lost, yet knowing the answer to these is essential to reaching your goals. How do you know where you're going if you don't know what the destination is? Alexis Jones has made a career of helping women figure it out, dream big, ahieve goals, and create magic wherever they go. This inspiring read will give you a confidence boost and much-needed courage to become a success in whatever field or path you choose.

The Strength Finder
Tom Rath Strengths Finder 2.0 $34 $16

Are you fixated on your shortcomings instead of your forthcomings? Why are we so good at telling ourselves how bad we are at something rather than showcasing our natural talents? Maybe it's because we don't know what our strengths are. Introducing Strengths Finder 2.0. This #1 best-seller has helped millions discover their top five talents and how to apply them. Are you ready to uncover your hidden skills?

The Career Planner
Dan Zadra 5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Today? $15 $11

There is always a buzz of excitement at the dawn of every New Year, but while you're busy planning this one, why not think about the next five? With just a sprinkling of forethought, they could end up being so much more than just another five years; they could be the best five years of your life. Those career goals are in your grasp if you really want them, and this awesome little book can help you. The quotes and questions will spark your imagination to help you discover what you really want to accomplish over the next five years. You can do a little or a lot in five years—it's really up to you.

The Goal Reacher
Barbara Smith I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was $18 $14

So many of us have big dreams, yet we quash them with negativity and self-doubt. Why? Well, it's time to say no, push aside your hesitation, and nail that goal. If you know you have the strength, ambition, and power, then what's stopping you from doing it? Barbara Smith says it's because you simply don't know what it is. In her life-changing book you'll find out how to fulfill those "long lost" goals, overcome the hurdles along the way, find out what you want to be, and live your dreams. It's simple, really.

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