3 Books Recruiters Say You Should Read (Even If You're Not Job Hunting)

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What separates a good employee from an exceptional one? Yes, work ethic and skills are crucial, but according to recruiters, your out-of-hours hobbies are just as important. Namely, your reading list. 

Money spoke to a trio of high-profile recruiters and asked them to share the books they believe every ambitious worker should be reading. In their experience, these titles have the power to shape your career knowledge, change the way you communicate, and increase your chances of being noticed in the workplace. 

Update your Kindle: The most ambitious workers have read these three career books—have you?

The Tipping Point

"The reason it’s so good is that book is about what make messages move and how messages move through people," says John Challenger, CEO of executive outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. "It’s not only about how you look for a job — it’s more about the ideas behind communicating."

Malcom Gladwell The Tipping Point $12

Rise of the Robots

"As the job market shifts and automation continues to weigh on folks' minds, a book like this could help them understand the job market of the future and where they fit in," says Dan Finnigan, CEO of software and recruiting company Jobvite. "Skills will have to evolve, and as this technology accelerates, staying abreast of these shifts will be crucial."

Martin Ford Rise of the Robots $12

The Art of Living

This mightn't seem like a traditional career book, but Dave Carvajal, CEO of technology recruiting firm Dave Partners, says it's surprisingly relevant to modern job hunters. "Some of the virtues from the Greek stoics are perhaps more relevant today with the increased pace of innovation and the need to manage the velocity and depth of external relationships," he tells Money. For example, "A sense of affiliation with like-minded people leads to high satisfaction rates at work."

Epictetus Art of Living $10

What books would you add to this list?

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