The Secret to Career Success, According to Our 5 Favorite Female Bosses

With workplace enthusiasm in egregiously short supply, we've decided to reach into our archives for a little Monday motivation from our favorite leading ladies. From interior designers and celebrity stylists to media moguls like our very own CEO, Katherine Power, these five inspiring women have built their own businesses from the ground up, epitomizing the word hustle in the process. Whether you're planning to start a business of your own someday or are simply in need of some weekday motivation, let these incredibly inspiring women be your guide.

"Leave your perfectionism at the door and just put your work out there. Get feedback, adjust, move on. Create something unique and universal. Make sure YOU would want to buy your product or hire yourself."

"ONLY do what ONLY you can do. Spend your time wisely, and learn to delegate so you have time and creative brainpower to work on the important things that only you can do best."

"My hustle can be defined as how hard I worked at building my business. I did everything by myself at first and put 100% of my time and effort into making my business the best it could be."

"Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Be humble, work hard, and stay positive. Don't be afraid or ashamed of being selfish. If you're with a partner or have friends who don't encourage you, distance yourself from them."

"Write down your goals and visualize what success looks like to you. I've always been able to see what I want, and I think that's helped me create the confidence to get there." 

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