I've Been to 100 Caribbean Islands—This Is the One I Always Recommend

The Caribbean is synonymous with idyllic white-sand beaches and azure water, but for traveler and journalist Ashlan Cousteau, that's just one of the reasons this region stands out among the rest. "The Caribbean was the passageway between the Old World and the New World, [so] it's full of history," says Cousteau, who stars in the Travel Channel's Caribbean Pirate Treasure. "It's also extremely diverse. One island is Spanish; the next British. Or even in the case of Saint Martin, half of the island is Dutch and the other half French," she points out. "There are so many cultures, languages, and foods to explore."

Together, Ashlan and her husband, Philippe, have ventured to over 100 Caribbean islands, both on personal vacations and while filming their popular TV series. "There are 28 island nations and over 7000 individual islands; I've been to 19 of the nations and about 100 of the islands!" she tells MyDomaine. Of all the islands they've visited, there's one Cousteau always recommends to friends. Ahead, she shares her number one recommendation and the best Caribbean islands to add to your bucket list.