Pop the Bubbly—This Is the Best Champagne to Sip on New Year's Eve

Few things are as synonymous with New Year's Eve than champagne. Perhaps we reach for the celebratory sparkling wine year after year simply because it tantalizes our senses. First with its alluring effervescence, then with its fruity aroma, and finally with a sweetness that lingers on your lips long after you've taken that first indulgent sip.

To find out exactly which bottles of bubbly our glasses should be brimming with this New Year's Eve, we asked Ryan Bailey, wine director at the achingly cool NoMad hotel in Los Angeles, for guidance. Because ringing in 2019 calls for a bottle beyond a $20 prosecco. "When you feel uncertain about spending a little more than you typically would on wine, it sometimes helps to look at the importer label on the back of the bottle," Bailey told MyDomaine. "Trusting importers such as Kermit Lynch, Rosenthal, and Terry Theise helps to hedge your bet," he advises.

Keep scrolling for a sommelier's guide to the best champagne to sip on New Year's Eve, including a bottle of bubbly that'll impress your hip natural wine–drinking friends and a splurge-worthy rosé brut you'll savor to the last drop.