The 17 Best Children's Books to Promote Kindness, Integrity, and More

Books have the power to ignite a passion for learning, provide us with a sweet escape, and connect us with who we are and who we want to be while also inviting us to step outside of ourselves. Ah, the magic of storytelling. And while we all may have a lot to learn from the literary greats and trailblazing fiction, there's something especially extraordinary about children's books. Think about it: What other genre cleverly packs complex messages into beautiful illustrations and whimsical rhymes?

It's a true art form. So we decided to round up our favorite contemporary children's books that adults will love reading as much as children do. We also made sure to include the best children's books that convey strong messages of kindness, curiosity, integrity, diversity, and more so that you can promote and reinforce your values. Our list is organized by the message you want to promote, so scroll through and begin curating your own library. We hope these books help make difficult conversations easier and that they inspire your little ones to navigate life with more inspiration, wisdom, and gusto.