Professional Housekeepers Agree—These Are the Top 5 Cleaning Hacks

Considering our hectic schedules, we're always looking for foolproof shortcuts, especially in the cleaning and home upkeep department. Although we wish we had the time to do a good apartment clean every other day, some workweeks render that goal completely unrealistic, for better or for worse.

Fortunately for us, Refinery29 recently asked professional housekeepers to share their brilliant yet simple cleaning hacks, and the resulting list is sure to shave hours off your home cleaning routine. From soda in the toilet to cucumber peels on the wall, here's what the pros uncovered in the world of bizarre yet effective home cleaning hacks:

  • Using mayonnaise, you can remove stickers from appliances or water rings from surfaces.
  • A combination of white vinegar and fizzy denture tablets will remove hard water deposits.
  • Use lemon or lime juice and a scrubbing cloth to eradicate rust.
  • De-scuff your walls and tables using the outside of a cucumber peel.
  • Pour a can of Coca-Cola into your toilet and let it sit for an hour to remove any stains.

For the full list of time-saving cleaning hacks, head over to Refinery29, and then shop the go-to cleaning supplies we can't live without.