Every Club Soda Brand You Need to Know for Fizzy Cocktails

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As cocktails and spirits have become more craft, club soda has become just as curated. Gone are the days where club soda was a mere afterthought when concocting a cocktail. A number of club soda brands are creating their club sodas with carefully chosen ingredients like Himalayan salt and evaporated sea water, and we're here for it.

Whether you want to up your gin rickey game or you're just looking for something to make your go-to vodka soda more flavorful (without adding a ton of sugar), these are the best club sodas for any fizzy cocktail.

Keep reading to find out which club sodas are giving our cocktails serious flavor and plenty of fizz.

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Fever Tree Club Soda

Bottle of club soda.
Fever Tree Club Soda $7 for four

A favorite among premium club sodas, the qualities of Fever-Tree Club Soda make it ideal for mixing with a fine whiskey. The club soda's unique taste derives from the use of soft spring water, bicarbonate of soda and a high level of carbonation. In addition to club soda, the brand boasts an ample number of tonics, including Elderflower Tonic Water, Lemon Tonic, Citrus Tonic Water and Aromatic Tonic Water.

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Suntory Yamazaki Soda Water

Bottle of club soda.
Suntory Yamazaki Soda Water $15

When considering what to mix with a Japanese whisky, why not opt for a club soda created in Yamazaki, Japan, the birthplace of Japanese whisky? The award-winning Suntory Yamazaki Soda Water is made using natural mineral water from the famed Yamazaki Distillery. 

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H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water

Bottles of sparkling water.
H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water $40 for 6

A club soda option for beer lovers, H2OPS' Sparkling Hop Water is brewed with Northwest hops. Although unsweetened and free of alcohol, carbohydrates and calories, Sparkling Hop Water provides an array of flavors (grapefruit, lemon, lime, pine, blueberry, floral, mint and earthy spices) upon first sip. This unique set of flavors comes courtesy of the addition of hops. Sparkling Hop Water's complex variety of flavors make it ideal for beer and liquor-based cocktails.

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Q Mixers Club Soda

Bottle of club soda.
Q Mixers Club Soda $3

As the self-proclaimed creators of "the world's best carbonated mixers," Q Mixers certainly know a thing or two about club soda. Unlike other club sodas, Q Mixers club soda is made with a very special ingredient: Himalayan salt. Their club soda is recommended with Scotch and soda, and Night Gardens, a Q Mixers-created cocktail comprised of a Japanese whisky, tea syrup, Q club soda and lemon peel.

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Regatta Craft Mixers Pacific Sea Salt Club Soda

A can of club soda.
Regatta Craft Mixers Pacific Sea Salt Club Soda $12 for eight

Priding itself on its lineup of products that flaunt a complex yet well-balanced flavor palate, Regatta Craft Mixers' newly-introduced Pacific Sea Salt Club Soda is a worthy addition to any spirit. Keeping portability in mind with Pacific Sea Salt Club Soda, the packaging for the beverage is lightweight and stands at 8.4 oz., creating little leftovers. 

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Beebolin Kattegat Club Soda

Kattegat Club Soda
Beebolin Kattegat Club Soda $45 for a case

Taking its name from a narrow passage of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Denmark, Kattegat Club Soda is inspired by the body of water's low salt levels. Truly a craft beverage, Kattegat Club Soda is made using sea water evaporated gently. The addition of potassium and magnesium make this club soda a great pick for enjoying alone, but it'd be hard to pass on the combination of Kattegat and whisky.

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Pennyback Club Soda

Bottle of club soda.
Pennyback Club Soda $6 for six

Notes of citrus and sea salt make Pennyback's Club Soda a worthy choice for your next cocktail. A combination of pure carbonated artesian water, sea salt and other ingredients provide just the right amount of welcome carbonation with this club soda.

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Llanllyr Source Club Soda

Bottle of club soda.
Llanllyr Source Club Soda $2

As the brand behind a fine line of mixers that pair perfectly with fine spirits, Llanllyr Source Club Soda is a straight-to-the-point option. Additionally, Llanllyr Source is dedicated to practicing and advocating for organic land and water management.

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Cutwater Mixers Grapefruit Soda Water

Can of club soda.
Cutwater Mixers Grapefruit Soda Water $6

If you like a little flavor with your club soda, Cutwater Mixers offers one of few club sodas with added natural flavor. Cutwater Mixers' Grapefruit Soda Water is crafted using natural grapefruit flavor, making it a unique option for a citrus mixer.

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Boylan Bottling Heritage Club Soda

Bottle of club soda.
Boylan Bottling Heritage Club Soda $58 for 24

A well-known name in bottling, Boylan Bottling offers an assortment of beverages, including cane sugar sodas, diet sodas, seltzers and mixers. Serving as a collaboration between Boylan Bottling and W&P Designs, Heritage Club Soda is crisp and boasts a delicate balance of ingredients.

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