The 17 Best Cocktail Glasses of 2021

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When it comes to stocking your home bar or bar cart, yes, having the right spirits is essential. But having the right glassware is equally as important. Whether you like to entertain large groups of friends or simply enjoy a solo cocktail after a long day, having the right glassware is important.

Luckily, there are tons of styles out there at varying price points, so it's easy to find the perfect glassware to fit your needs.

Here, the best cocktail glasses.

Best Overall : CB2 Neat Smoke Barware

Neat Smoke Barware

The CB2 selection of glasses and stemware can’t be beaten, especially when it comes to style and price, and this barware selection is proof. Minimalists will appreciate that there are only three styles to choose from—a double old-fashioned glass, a tasting glass, and a cooler tumbler—though they are all versatile, and work well for a wide array of cocktails.

The handmade glasses are available in two shades—smoke and clear—and are sold individually so you can build a collection for your needs. They're budget-friendly, too, so you can get an assortment without breaking the bank.

Best Splurge : Waterford Lismore Evolution Tumbler, Set of 4

Waterford Lismore Evolution Tumbler, Set of 4

If you're looking to invest in high-quality drinkware that will withstand the test of time, this Waterford set is a perfect choice. The set includes four crystal 12-ounce tumblers that'll make any cocktail seem luxurious.

The timeless tumblers feature elegant patterns that look like little works of art—they can even be used as décor in between uses. It's worth noting they have to be hand-washed so you may want to save them for special occasions. Given their gorgeous look, however, any time you use them will feel special.

Best Budget: Target Threshold Stemless Cocktail Glasses

Threshold 4pk Stemless Cocktail Glasses

Ringing in at less than four dollars a pop, this wallet-friendly option is ideal for the casual cocktail drinker or anyone looking to stock up on some extra glasses for a party. The stemless, flared shape is simple yet elegant, perfect for pretty much any type of cocktail. (They could even pull double duty as a chic water glass.) At slightly over 10 ounces, we also appreciate how much of said cocktail they can hold.

Best Color Options: Estelle Colored Glass Wine Stemless Set of 6 (Mixed Set)

Mixed Set

If you're tired of traditional, clear glasses you'll appreciate this multicolor set by Estelle Colored Glass. The six-piece set of stemless wine glasses includes handblown designs in an assortment of vibrant hues—lavender, amethyst, mint green, coral peach pink, yellow, and cobalt blue.

The set certainly adds a playful touch to any table setting but if you want a more cohesive look, you can also get the same set in one specific color.

Best Flute : Anthropologie Beata Flutes, Set of 2

Beata Flute

You know what they say—champagne is always a good idea. And if you want to propose a toast in style, these flutes will do the trick.

Available in two tonal styles—pink/poppy and blue/teal—the set includes two flutes that are the perfect pop of color for any occasion. And, if you have champagne taste on a less-than-champagne budget, you'll be glad to know the set is wallet-friendly. They make for a thoughtful engagement or housewarming gift, but we'd understand if you keep these beauties for your own collection.

Best Coupe: Williams Sonoma Vintage Etched Coupe Glasses, Set of 4

Vintage Etched Coupe Glasses, Set of 4

Vintage glassware is a nice touch to any home, but there's always the fear of breaking the irreplaceable piece. That's why antique-inspired designs, like these Williams Sonoma Coupe Glasses, are the perfect addition to any drinkware collection.

The glassware, which is traditionally used for champagne or sparkling wine, is sold in a set of four and features an etched floral design that looks like it's been passed down from generation to generation. Though they'll dress-up any holiday dinner, they're durable enough for everyday use. Plus, they're dishwasher safe so it's easy to keep them in pristine condition.

Best Multipurpose : MAMO Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glass

There are specific types of glasses to use for certain beverages, but a design that combines two of them? Now that's a game-changer. MAMO's Cocktail Glasses do just that with a reversible design that makes it easy to enjoy a glass of wine as well as a shot, depending on which side you use.

The glasses are available in four colors and can either be purchased individually or as a four-piece set. Though they're also the perfect space-savers if you're tight on cabinet space, the unique design would look great on display, too.

Best Martini : Libbey Z-Stem 9.25 oz. Glass Martini Glass (Set of 4)

Z-Stem 9.25 oz. Glass Martini Glass (Set of 4)

We’d argue that the martini is perhaps the most sophisticated of all the cocktails, and as such deserves an equally sophisticated drinking vessel. With this Libbey design, you'll get just that—with a twist, literally.

Designed with a z-shaped stem, the zig-zag style is a unique take on a traditional martini glass. The set of four is budget-friendly, so you can even buy two sets to make sure your glassware collection is fully stocked. If you're all set, however, it even makes for a thoughtful housewarming gift.

Best Set: Libbey Bar in a Box 18-Piece Assorted Glassware Set

Libbey Bar in a Box 18-Piece Assorted Glassware Set

Reach for this complete set and finish off your bar cart in one fell swoop. It contains pretty much everything you need—we’re talking four margarita glasses, four highball glasses, four hurricane glasses, plus four shot glasses. (Because hey, it’s always good to have those on hand.) To further help you channel your inner mixologist, there’s also a mixing glass and stainless steel strainer included as well. Also nice: Everything is made in the USA and is dishwasher-safe.

Best Double Old Fashioned: Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Whiskey on the rocks is great—until those rocks end up watering down the whiskey. Enter this innovative solution. Simply place the included silicone mold into the glass and fill it up with water to the notated fill line. Freeze for at least four hours, then pop out the mold to reveal a perfectly formed ice wedge in half the glass. Add your whiskey (or Manhattan or Old Fashioned) and voila, a perfectly chilled beverage that won’t get diluted. Not to mention that it just looks super cool.

Best Highball: Crate & Barrel Vance Cut-Glass Highball Glass

Crate & Barrel Vance Cut-Glass Highball Glass

Mix up your Tom Collins or Pimm’s Cup in this 12-ounce highball. The classic shape gets an added twist, thanks to the addition of linear cuts. Coupled with exceptionally clear glass, the vessel is brilliant and sparkling, ideal for reflecting light and making your handcrafted cocktail look that much prettier.

Best Specialty: Viski Angled Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses

Viski Angled Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses

These may be designated as gin & tonic glasses, but they’re also perfect for other fun drinks, like an Aperol spritz or gin fizz. A wide balloon glass allows space for plenty of ice (important for these types of cocktails), while a wide mouth rim enhances the natural aroma of your chosen spirit. We also like that they have a stem for easy holding, though a shorter one to help distinguish them from wine glasses. Oh, and did we mention that you can get them on Amazon?

Best Style: LSA Handmade Tinted Utility Glasses (Set of 2)

LSA Handmade Tinted Utility Glasses

If you’ve been on the hunt for more unique, out-of-the-box cocktail glasses, your search ends here. Available in three gorgeous colors (an amber yellow, midnight blue, and smoke grey) and three different shapes (a short tumbler, tall tumbler, and wine glass), these beg to be mixed and matched for a stylish yet relaxed aesthetic. They’re so pretty that they can even double as chic décor when they’re not filled with your favorite beverage; stash them on your open shelves or in those cabinets with the glass fronts.

Best Outdoor: Mario Luca Giusti Acrylic Victoria & Albert Green Footed Coupe

Mario Luca Giusti Acrylic Victoria & Albert Green Footed Coupe

You’re having an outdoor barbecue and want to serve a fun summery cocktail…but don’t want to have to worry about broken glass or handwashing glasses after. What to do? Buy these stunning coupes. You won’t believe they’re acrylic until you actually have them in your hand, the style is that good. Bonus points for the fun footed shape and vibrant green color that is sure to spice up any outdoor (or heck, indoor, for that matter) gathering.

Best Liquer Glass: Fferrone Design Revolution Liqueur/Espresso

Fferrone Design Revolution Liquer and Espresso Glass

Consider these your go-to glasses for after-dinner sipping. Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, the four inch-high vessels seem to combine two glasses in one—and indeed, you can fill up either side based on the amount of liquid you’d like. Pour in some sherry or even espresso and watch how the liquid seems to be floating in the air. Mark our words, it’s a great party trick.

Best for Hot Drinks : HAY Borosilicate Mug, Set of 2

Mug Set

There’s no better option for a hot toddy, spiked cider, or mulled wine. Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass—a unique type of glass that is more resistant to thermal shock than other glass, i.e. won’t crack when it gets hot—these handled mugs are perfect for any type of hot beverage.

Best Tapered Glasses: Bomshbee Angled Taper Glasses (Set of 2)

Angled Taper Glasses (Set of 2)

A classic tumbler gets a fun upgrade when it comes in two different shades and has a fun angled rim. There’s both a tall and short version, and they come in sets of two; we suggest mixing and matching the sizes and colors for an interesting variety that would look especially pretty for any summertime soiree. Bonus points for the fact that they’re also made of borosilicate glass, ensuring that they’re extra sturdy.

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