8 Coffee Makers That Look Great and Brew Well

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Any coffee drinker knows that being able to brew a cup of joe at home is crucial for survival and saving money. With so many options to choose from its hard to know where to start.

Finding the right coffee maker for your space and needs can be tricky. Do you need a coffee machine that has a timer? Maybe you have space constraints and want something that you can stow away. Or perhaps you're a coffee snob and only want the best maker on the market.

Whatever your needs, here, the best coffee makers that look great and taste good.

Best Automatic: OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

If coffee is your life you're going to want to opt for this coffee maker that can make a stellar cup. This Speciality Coffee Association Certified Home Brewer replicates the pour-over method in an automated form. The water is heated to the perfect temperature (197.6-204.8 Fahrenheit) then a rain shower of hot water comes down on the grinds giving them an even distribution of water for optimal flavor.

Once the coffee is brewed it will stay the optimal temperature (no burnt taste!) until you are ready to drink it in the thermal carafe. For those that want their coffee set on a timer, this has a 24-hour feature, so you can set it for the next day.

The sleek minimal design on this also blends into any decor which is extra bonus points in our book.

Best for Specialty Brews: Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker

Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker

 Courtesy of Amazon

Want to cut down on all of those Starbucks runs? This coffee maker will make anything from your regular cup of coffee to a perfectly frothy cappuccino without making you spend extra money (or time). The Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker has a fold-away milk frother for all those specialty drinks and is super easy to use—even for newbies. Unlike some coffee makers, this model gives you lots of size options for brewing so you can make a 10 cup pot of coffee for when you’re having guests over for brunch, or a single serving for when you’re dashing out the door to work on a Tuesday. And despite all the brewing options, this coffee maker is surprisingly compact, so it won’t take up too much precious counter space. 

Best Pour-Over: Chemex Classic Series

Chemex Classic

 Courtesy of Amazon

Pour-over coffee makers are perfect for the caffeine lovers who want to be able to control the taste and flavor of their coffee more so than with many automatic models. Although it may seem a little daunting if you’re used to a set-it-and-forget-it method, pour-over coffee makers are actually quite simple to use once you get the hang of it. And many people enjoy the ritual of the art of making the perfect cup of coffee with a pour-over method (and many debate it tastes better!).

This Chemex is a classic choice if you’re opting to go pour-over—it has a simple, modern glass and wood design, and requires little more than your favorite ground coffee beans, hot water, and filters. If you want to be a little more eco-friendly, and save money in the long run, buy a metal filter that you can easily clean and use again and again.

Pour-over makers are also great because you can store these in a cabinet when not in use, so no extra counter clutter.

Best Portable: AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

 Courtesy of Amazon

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a coffee maker but want the bonus of one that’s portable, this AeroPress coffee maker is perfect. Similar to a French press method, using the AeroPress involves (you guessed it) pressing the coffee grinds and hot water, but you’ll get a cup of coffee quicker than with a traditional French press. It also promises a less bitter and grainy coffee, due to its shorter brew time. This starter kit also includes 350 filters and a filter holder, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing them separately.

Don’t want a full cup? The AeroPress can also make a quick espresso (in 30 seconds!) for your daily caffeine fix. This lightweight coffee maker is also a great solution if you’re big into camping, or want your own coffee when you’re traveling.

Best Espresso: DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Automatic Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Automatic Espresso Machine

 Courtesy of Wayfair

If you can’t get through the day without an espresso, this Nespresso is for you. Plus, with its built-in milk system, you can easily make a latte or cappuccino with ease—no extra levers or frothers needed. All you have to do is fill up the milk chamber and press a button. Easy peasy! The milk chamber is also dishwasher safe, making for convenient cleanup.

An added benefit of buying a Nespresso machine is that they offer a recycling program to alleviate any harm done to the environment. Since their pods are made from aluminum (versus plastic), they are recyclable, and Nespresso offers a free recycling bag for you to fill up and ship back to them—for free!

This model also has an energy-saving mode and shuts down automatically after 9 minutes of use. All three of the color options for the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima are neutral and fit into any color scheme—we especially love the silky white colorway.

Best Investment: Jura E6 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Jura E6 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

 Courtesy of Wayfair

Looking for a machine that will make top-of-the-line, pro-level espresso drinks at home? The Jura E6 Automatic Espresso Machine delivers just that, so you can indulge in perfectly brewed espresso without ever leaving your house. Jura has developed a new technology in the coffee world called The Pulse Extraction Process, which makes for a more flavorful espresso. This new technology forces hot water through the grinds in short intervals and has eight (!) different intensity levels so you can have your espresso just the way you like it. It also has a coffee bean grinder in the machine, meaning one less appliance you need to purchase. And if you need to make two coffees at once, you’re in luck, as the E6 can do just that. As an added bonus, it also has a rinsing and cleaning program, so you never have to worry about keeping your machine clean and hygienic. 

Best French Press: Yield Glass French Press

Yield Glass French Press

 Courtesy of Food52

A coffee and design-lovers dream, this modern French press from Yield is so pretty you’ll want it to live on your countertop or an open shelving situation at all times. With three color options to choose from, this press also features a beautiful copper pull for an added metallic pop. If you weren’t into French presses before, this one is sure to convert you just on the design alone.

Yield also makes this press in a matte ceramic version (with that same trademark metallic pull) in case you want to try something that isn’t the classic glass press. Thanks to its brewing method, French presses also don’t require any filters, meaning all you need for a good cup of coffee is grinds and hot water. 

Best Cold Brew: OXO BREW Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee has less acid and has a much smoother finish than traditional coffee. If you're a fan of this type of coffee you might want to try a cold brew coffee maker.

These coffee makers are fairly basic and can produce a concentrated coffee that can be diluted with milk or water. Many cold brew makers are quite large but this model from OXO is pretty compact so it can store in your fridge neatly. It makes 16 ounces of coffee concentrate which can be enjoyed cold on ice or hot. With all cold brew makers, you'll have to wait overnight to get the final product.

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