The 15 Best Comedies on Amazon to Watch When All You Need Is a Good Laugh


Graphic by Viviana Duron

There's nothing quite like getting a good laugh from a funny movie. Sure, it's nice to be connected to a dramatic setting or to be transported into a fantasy-fueled world, but laughter is different. When chuckling at a one-liner or bowling over at a hilarious scene, the world feels lighter and more at ease. And when you're looking for a movie to provide an escape, laughing is often exactly what you need.

We found the 15 best comedies on Amazon to watch when you're seeking out humor as a way to shake off outside concerns. From modern classics like Mean Girls and Anchorman to timeless comedies like Airplane! and Some Like It Hot, these smile-inducing films are filled with the type of hilarious twists that can create a lighthearted cocoon on your couch. Gather loved ones around to share in the jokes, or watch these solo just in case you feel like repeating the one-liners again and again.

Don't be surprised if you know some of these punchlines already, either. There's nothing wrong with re-watching a favorite flick or finally seeing a beloved title, especially since laughter is always encouraged. Read on to see our recommendations, and enjoy the lightness of a good comedy.