The 20 Best Comedies to Stream on Hulu Now

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Of all the streaming services, Hulu might be the most underrated. The platform may be best known for its acclaimed original series, like The Handmaid's Tale, The Path, and The Mindy Project, but it also boasts an impressive movie library that holds its own against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go—especially if you're in the mood to laugh.

With hundreds of movies to choose from, the sheer volume may be overwhelming—but fear not. We've compiled the very best comedies on Hulu that you can watch tonight. To narrow the selection to only the best of the best, we scoured the Internet for reviews from audiences and critics alike to bring you the most-loved films.

Including classics and newcomers that span a coming-of-age-comedy reminiscent of Sixteen Candles to a dark comedy that centers around one of the most scandalous events in sports history, these are 20 of the funniest movies you should add to your queue.

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Hunt for the Wilderpeople

hunt for the wilderpeople

Offbeat and charming, Hunt for the Wilderpeople follows a city-raised kid and his survivalist foster parent as they navigate the New Zealand bush in an attempt to evade a national manhunt. Film critic April Wolfe of LA Weekly described the film as "one of the most sincere and funny portraits of family life to come along in a while."

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I, Tonya

i, tonya

Based on one of the most scandalous events in sports history, I, Tonya finds the humor hidden in Harding's tragic story. According to film critic Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post, "the film softens the bouts of cruelty with an abiding sense of humane, if absurdist, comedy, smoothing out the tonal shifts that may have you gasping in horror one minute and laughing the next."

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Frank is an endearing, clever, musical comedy starring Michael Fassbender in a giant fake head that he never removes. It's "a quirky, utterly engaging film that manages to be amusing, dark, surprising and poignant without wasting a single one of its 95 minutes," recommends Kristin Tillotson in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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Election isn't your typical high school teen comedy. Alexander Payne's smart film pits Matthew Broderick, an anxiety-ridden teacher, against Reese Witherspoon, a power-hungry student running for class president, in this "dark, insidiously funny satire on the self-involved ways otherwise rational people can allow narrow personal agendas to lead them astray to the point of self-destruction," says Todd McCarthy in Variety.

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A cult classic of the '80s, Heathers stars Winona Ryder as a disillusioned It girl and Christian Slater as her dangerous, motorcycle-riding boyfriend, and they both wreak havoc on their high school classmates. The surprisingly thoughtful film is a "super-smart black comedy about high school politics and teenage suicide," says Variety.

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The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold

the cutting edge

A 90's crowd favorite rom-com, The Cutting Edge follows an unlikely pair matched up to compete as a figure skating team for the Olympics. Differences lead to a lot of friction and sparks that make for great entertainment due to great chemistry between the two leads, Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney. LA Times called it "a rousing though late-arriving crowd-pleaser of sufficient wit, vitality and intelligence that you don’t have to be a teen-ager to be thoroughly entertained by it."

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

girls just want to have fun

This classic 80's chick flick is a time capsule movie that's a fun spoof on the MTV generation. For a tacky good time, follow two high school girls and their archrival as they vie for a spot in the most popular dance contest. Vulture credits the film for setting the template for all other dance movies to follow. Plus you'll get to witness Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt in some early iconic roles.

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Up in the Air

up in the air

This star-studded film directed by Jason Reitman won a lot of Oscar buzz. The story is set within the modern tragedy of commonplace corporate layoffs with Ryan Bingham (played by George Clooney) as the "Termination Facilitator". While mentoring a young, bright-eyed newcomer (Anna Kendrick), Bingham meets a fellow road warrior (Vera Farmiga) who makes a lasting impression on him. Rotten Tomatoes quips, "Jason Reitman delivers a smart blend of humor and emotion with just enough edge for mainstream audiences."

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Their Finest

their finest

Set in 1940 London during the war, the British ministry needs to boost morale and decides to make propaganda films. Realizing they could use a female perspective, they hire Catrin Cole (played by Gemma Arterton) who rises to the occasion. Expect a witty and captivating dramedy with an underlying feminist message. Wall Street Journal raves, "Their Finest is one of the smartest, funniest and most surprising movies I’ve seen in years."

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Sorry to Bother You

sorry to bother you

This bold and deftly entertaining satire succeeds on many levels. Rolling Stone says, "Boots Riley’s brilliant, take-no-prisoners comedy skewers social norms, racial strife and the media." The plot centers around a telemarketer named Cassius Green who discovers his key to success at work is to use his "white voice." You can already see where this is heading, but hold onto your seat. Things get weird—in a good way.

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"Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman have adapted a comic-book series by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. by crushing the essence of Kill Bill, Spider-Man and Ghostbusters to create something fantastically anarchic and gloriously irresponsible," says The Guardian. The main character, Dave Lizewski, is a comic book nerd who decides to become a superhero. He calls himself Kick-Ass, donning a full suit and everything. Astonishingly, he succeeds and eventually crosses paths with a real father-daughter superhero team, played by Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz, where things really get interesting. Moretz truly shines in this ballsy, over-the-top comedy.

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Support the Girls

support the girls

This quietly feminist movie unfolds over the course of an eventful day at a Hooters-style restaurant full of scantily clad waitresses. Though the set-up sounds perfect for a raunch-com, it quickly veers towards a deeply witty and heartfelt comedy about empathy. Vox agrees: "Starting out as a workplace comedy featuring a sparkling female ensemble, the movie — set mostly over a single day — morphs into an affecting, startlingly insightful depiction of the bone-weary work of being a woman in a man’s world."

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Ingrid Goes West

ingrid goes west

This dark comedy hits close to home for many of us who fall into the modern day social media trap of enviously scrolling through the glamorous, perfect lives of influencers. Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen star in this frighteningly entertaining movie about a depressed woman with legitimate mental issues who sets out to stalk her Instagram obsession and fake her way into becoming best friends with her. Roger and Ebert agree, "This is a daring comedy with a very sharp bite".

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Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink

This 80s coming-of-age movie by John Hughes needs no introduction because of its cult classic status, but here goes. The beloved Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a social outcast at her high school who begins dating Blane, her "richie" crush from the popular circle. It all seems too good to be true, and indeed it is. Rotten Tomatoes says, "Molly Ringwald gives an outstanding performance in this sweet, intelligent teen comedy that takes an ancient premise and injects it with insight and wit." Prepare for plenty of cringe-worthy, but incredibly laughable, moments.

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The Birdcage


Another bonafide classic, The Birdcage is an absolute riot with a supremely talented cast. Val, the son of a flamboyant gay couple who own a drag club in South Beach, must introduce his fiance and her ultra-conservative parents to his, and needless to say, some hilarious chaos ensues. "If it weren't so darned 'sincere' this would be an unmitigated bird-brained delight, but it undoubtedly remains a genial crowd pleaser," quips Empire.

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Diablo Cody's revered coming-of-age screenplay about a precocious sixteen year-old who gets pregnant by her almost-boyfriend in high school is hard not to love. Ellen Page is spectacular in her breakout role, and The New Republic raves, "Fierce without being cruel, sweet without becoming saccharine, and never short of hilarious, it's not only the best comedy of the year, but one of the best films, period."

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Sixteen Candles

sixteen candles

John Hughes certainly understood how to portray classic teenage angst and dread. The first teen movie for John Hughes stars Molly Ringwald as Samantha, who is having just about the worst sixteenth birthday she could imagine, but things may turn around when the most popular senior guy she's crushing on actually takes notice of her. Culturess says, "Sixteen Candles is a genuinely funny and touching coming-of-age story."

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Force Majeure

force majeure

This sharp marital drama by Ruben Ostlund centers around an average family who goes on a ski vacation only to have an avalanche nearly ruin the trip, but the bigger question seems to be whether it will ruin the marriage. New York Times raves, "This brilliant, viciously amusing takedown of bourgeois complacency, gender stereotypes and assumptions and the illusion of security rubs your face in human frailty."

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Regarded as the king of all 80s parody films, Airplane! is a spoof on all the disaster movies that came before it in the previous decade. The Hollywood Reporter claims, "The humor is an ingenious concoction of satire, spoof, burlesque, slapstick, raunchy dialogue and low-comedy sight gags."

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Cedar Rapids

cedar rapids

This film is blessed with an outstanding cast led by the beloved Ed Helms as an insurance hustler heading to a sales conference taking place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Rolling Stone reports, "Thanks to a tartly observed script by Phil Johnston and direction from the gifted Miguel Arteta that stays attuned to the sadness and pain that seep in between the cracks, Cedar Rapids is both hilarious and heartfelt."

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