A Definitive List of the 15 Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now

Updated 05/17/19

I'm a huge Netflix fan and always have something on in the background. But when it comes to unwinding, I watch the best comedies on Netflix. Yes, I dabble in dramas and documentaries—and counted down to season two of The Crown—but comedy is best when it comes to chilling out. No matter when you choose to watch them, Netflix has a pretty great assortment of funny flicks right now. Some are throwbacks like Ace Ventura while others like Fun Mom Dinner will likely be new to you (and are still good for some giggles).

Click through to see the best comedies on Netflix to watch during your winter break (or anytime, really).

best comedies on Netflix

What happens when a love doctor meets the girl of his dreams? Let's just say he's anything but smooth. Watch this for the shellfish scene (you'll know what we mean after you see it).

80s comedies

We've got to be honest—Heathers is the original Mean Girls, but 10 ten times darker. Plus it stars Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as a couple. Need we say more?

new release comedy

Watch this if you liked Bad Moms and The Hangover. You'll get some serious laughs when the dinner plans for four moms of preschoolers get a little out of hand (think karaoke and too many cocktails).

comedy film

Anyone who has ever felt a little wayward will be able to sympathize with Greta Gerwig's character Frances, for which the movie is named (by the way, Gerwig co-wrote the flick). It's a comedy of errors as her character loses her apartment, job, and best friend in a matter of weeks, but she still finds a way to keep a smile on her face through it all.

comedies for kids

The sequel to the animated flick Finding Nemo is just as cute, especially for little ones. Blue tang fish Dory, who suffers from short-term memory loss, goes on a journey to find her estranged parents with the help of some funny flippered friends.

netflix movies

A crew of improv actors has a hard time separating their performances from everyday life. There are plenty of jokes (and jealousy) along the way as the group deals with the rise to stardom of one of its members.

romantic comedy

This one's for all the single ladies. Watch as 30-something Londoner Bridget Jones sets forth on a year of improvement, all the while documenting it in her diary. Bonus points: Colin Firth and Hugh Grant star as her suitors.

90s comedy

Let's flash back to 1994, when Jim Carrey originally starred as a wacky pet detective tasked with finding the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot. 

cartoon comedy

Zootopia is a community filled only with animals, and they run the town, too. Judy Hopps, the area's first bunny cop, must team up with an unlikely partner when things go awry. 

funny netflix movies

Two not-so-smart pals (Tucker and Dale) get mistaken for bad guys by a group of college kids visiting the wilderness. What ensues are some Dumb & Dumber–style jokes, with a few gory twists. 

top netflix comedies

Sandra Bullock plays a nerdy FBI agent who is transformed into a beauty queen so she can thwart plans to bomb the Miss United States pageant. What she begins to uncover is that it may be an inside job.

favorite netflix movies

An unlikely trio plans to rob a bank together, only someone's being duped. Best part? It's based on the true-life story of one of the biggest bank heists in history. 

comedy spoof

A group of primadonna actors is targeted by foreign soldiers, but they think it's part of the movie they're filming. What ensues? An action comedy like you haven't seen before. 

romantic comedy

When Peter Klaven gets engaged, he realizes he has no friends to serve as his best man. That is until he meets Sydney, a free-spirited guy who shows him how to have fun again.

slapstick comedy

From the creators of Shaun of the Dead, is Hot Fuzz, a slapstick comedy about what happens when an overperforming cop is banished to one of the safest towns. Watch it for the riffs on action films alone. 

Do you have any best comedies on Netflix to add to our list? Be sure to read about the best documentaries on Netflix!

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