The Coziest Comforters For Every Type of Sleeper and Climate

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Sound the alarm! No, not the one that so rudely wakes you up in the morning—but the one that alerts you to this important news: We've tracked down the best comforters on the market.

We've included luxe options for hot sleepers, cold sleepers, and every fill, fabric, and weight one could desire so you can find your Goldilocks comforter—AKA the one that checks every box on your list. Whether that means an alternative down comforter that's hypoallergenic or a eucalyptus comforter that always stays cool to the touch, we've got you covered. We even found an option that comes in a rainbow of colors so you can simply unpack it and hit the sack, no duvet cover necessary!

With high ratings and premium materials, behold the best comforters available now.

Best Overall: Snowe Down Comforter

Snowe Down Comforter

For many, the list of top bedding essentials starts with a down comforter. And for MyDomaine editors, the top down comforter comes courtesy of Snowe. The brand's offering boasts a 330-thread-count cotton sateen cover, and stuffed inside is luxurious premium French white down that’s ethically sourced from a Responsible Down Standard-certified manufacturer. 

Snowe's comforter is available in two densities: lightweight and all-season. The latter features 40 percent more filling, so it's a great choice for cold sleepers and cool climates. Whichever way you go, Snowe's comforters are cushy and cloud-like; if you have trouble getting out of bed, just don't blame us—we warned you.

Best Down Alternative: Riley Down Alternative Comforter

Riley Down Alternative Comforter

Not down with down? Not a problem. Riley's Down Alternative Comforter so closely mimics fluffy down that we wouldn't blame you for double checking the label. In lieu of feathers, it’s brimming with 100 percent hypoallergenic microfiber and wrapped in 100 percent cotton percale for a lofty, soft feel. It’s even available in two different warmth options—all season and extra warm.

Nautical navy piping and loops (to secure the comforter to your duvet cover) complete the package. Riley's offering also comes with a 5-year warranty because the brand is just that sure you’re going to love it.

Best Splurge: Coyuchi Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert

Coyuchi Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert

Come winter, there is hardly anything more comforting than burrowing beneath a warm blanket (bonus points if there’s a cup of hot chocolate nearby). In our opinion, the best comforter for chilly temps is Coyuchi's Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert.

The cushy comforter is the company’s warmest and its extra 600-fill-power down—which is double-washed and ethically sourced from a duck farm in Indiana—is sure to keep you nice and toasty whether you're a cold sleeper or you happen to live in a particularly harsh climate. With a 100 percent cotton shell (that the down won’t poke through) and strategic box stitching, the feathery filling is guaranteed to stay evenly distributed, too.

Best Budget: Buffy The Buffy Breeze Comforter

The Buffy Breeze

There are so many reasons to love eucalyptus-derived fabric. Shall we count the ways? Firstly, eucalyptus uses about 10 times less water than cotton to produce, making it an eco-friendly fabric choice. Moreover—and pay attention, hot sleepers—eucalyptus bedding is also naturally breathable, cool to the touch, and even resistant to bacteria growth. 

Bedding brand Buffy utilizes eucalyptus that’s grown in renewable forests in Austria, plus 100 percent recycled thread, for their Breeze—a comforter that’s as sustainably sound as it is temperature-regulating. Both the shell and the fill of this coverlet is 100 percent eucalyptus, and it’s finished with a wave-stitching pattern to keep the super soft padding perfectly in place.

Best All-Season: Brooklinen Down Comforter

Down Comforter

If you have limited closet space, you know what a pain it is to have to swap sweaters for summer dresses as the seasons change. Rather than add yet another item to that pile, why not invest in bedding that works year-round? All-season comforters—like Brooklinen's down offering—work no matter the temperature, so you won't have to it haul it out of the linen closet or pack it away any time soon.

The down is pleasantly plush, ethically sourced, and produced in Canada. Even better, the 100 percent cotton sateen casing features baffle box stitching so the fill won't migrate and create any lumps or bumps. The fabric is treated with antimicrobials (so you can skip a cleaning or two without feeling too guilty), and it’s made to be used all year round. Reviewers praise it for being both lightweight and breathable enough for hot sleepers and the summer season, but fluffy enough to keep you warm throughout winter.

Best for Summer: Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet Insert

Even those who typically sleep cold are known to push off heavy, suffocating covers once the weather warms to sweltering temperatures. And what do we recommend they reach for? Well, Casper's Humidity Fighting Duvet Insert, of course.

In addition to its 100 percent cotton shell and ethically sourced down, this comforter boasts an added layer of merino wool that fights humidity by wicking away moisture. We also love that it's OEKO-TEX certified, meaning that it’s guaranteed to be free of chemical substances proven harmful to consumers and the environment.

Best Machine-Washable: Matouk Libero All Season Polyester Down Alternative Comforter

Matouk Libero All Season Down Alternative Comforter

Those prone to allergies and/or pesky acne outbreaks should consider a machine-washable comforter like this one from Matouk. The Libero All Season Down Alternative Comforter can be thrown into the washing machine as often as you like, so you can keep allergens and bacteria from camping out in the fabric.

Matouk's comforter also features a 100 percent cotton cover and polyester fill that's hypoallergenic and suitable for year-round use. The American-made bedding is finished off with diamond quilting that keeps the fill in place and ensures years of cozy slumber.

Best Weighted: Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

If you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or often find yourself restless come bedtime, you might want to consider a weighted comforter. These popular blankets are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and lead to deeper sleep by helping to regulate your sensory experience.

Our favorite weighted comforter comes courtesy of Brooklinen, where quality always reigns supreme. This weighted comforter is crafted from super-soft long-staple cotton that boasts a 400 thread count. The real stars of the show here, though, are the glass microbeads that are evenly distributed throughout the comforter and whose weight helps calm users. The comforter is available in five different weights: 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 pounds. To get the most out of your comforter, Brooklinen recommends choosing one that's roughly 10 percent of your body weight.

Best for Hot Sleepers: Pottery Barn HydroCool Temperature-Regulating Down-Alternative Duvet Insert

Pottery Barn HydroCool Temperature Regulating Down Alternative Duvet Insert

If you're anything like us, you know how frustrating it is to wake up in the middle of the night and kick off a stifling, sweat-soaked comforter. Rather than making that a nightly routine, why not try out the HydroCool Temperature-Regulating Down-Alternative Duvet Insert from Pottery Barn?

With an impressive 300-thread-count hypoallergenic cotton shell and down-alternative filling, the insert wicks away moisture and sweat to keep you cool from dusk to dawn. Top that off with a pretty damask striped design and you have one cool comforter.

Best Color Options: The Company Store LaCrosse Down Comforter

LaCrosse RDS Certified Down Comforter

If you're shopping on a budget and don't want to shell out extra cash for a duvet cover, check out this pick from The Company Store. The LaCrosse RDS Certified Down Comforter comes in a whopping 22 colorways, so you can find one that complements the look and feel of your decor. (If you're curious, our favorites are the rosy chianti and calming sea mist hues.)

Looks aside, the comforter is filled with ethically sourced, hypoallergenic down that adheres to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and all-over box stitching is used to keep it in place. In addition to its rainbow of available shades, the comforter is also offered in four weights/warmths: light, medium, extra, and ultra.

Final Verdict

Overall, we love the cushy, cloud-like feel of Snowe's down comforter (view at Snowe), which is available in two weights. Its shell is especially soft, and the premium down fill does a great job regulating temperature throughout different seasons. If you're looking for a budget- and eco-friendly option, Buffy's Breeze Comforter (view at Buffy) is a great option. It's made from sustainably grown eucalyptus and is also excellent at regulating heat.

What to Look for in a Comforter


If you're considering a down comforter, take note of the fill power. Good down comforters generally have a fill power in the 500-700 range, while any with a fill power of 700 or more will be especially luxurious, fluffy, and warm. If you're allergic to down, want a more animal-friendly comforter, or are simply on a budget, a down alternative comforter is your best bet. "Down alternative" is simply a catch-all term that can refer to any type of fill that isn't down. We recommend opting for a fill made with natural fibers such as eucalyptus or cotton, as they're more breathable than polyester-based fills.


Everyone sleeps differently, and a comforter that's considered ideal by a cold sleeper might be considered stifling by a hot sleeper. Pure down or down-alternative Tencel fibers are especially good at regulating body temperature and can generally provide a happy medium between too hot and too cold for most. Also, don't forget about layering. A lightweight comforter can be a smart and affordable choice for year-round comfort since it can be layered with an extra blanket or paired with flannel sheets during colder months.


There are two main ways comforters are constructed in order to keep the fill in place and evenly distributed: baffle box or sewn-through. Baffle box construction means that individual layers of fabric create interior "walls" between the top and bottom layers of the comforter shell to keep the fill in place. This results in a smooth look overall and tends to be the better choice for delicate down. Sewn-through constriction means that the top and bottom layers of the comforter are sewn together in order to create pockets that keep the fill in place. This is fine for most down alternative comforters, but the comforter will have a more pillowy appearance with some peaks and valleys.

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